Stellar Evolution by Sadie Grubor

Discretion advised: This book may be unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18, due to mature themes, language and sexual content.

Series: Falling Stars
Publication Date: Oct 2012
Publisher: Book Nerd Revelation
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 402
Format: ebook
Source: Author supplied Review Copy
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In Falling Stars, you were introduced to The Forgotten and Hush (Hushed Mentality), their lives written for the world to read. In this follow up novella, find out what happens after the tours have ended.
Who can persevere under the pressure of love in the public eye? Who will fall apart? And who will become almost unrecognizable?

Some stars last for an eternity, some stars fade, and others evolve.

*If you haven’t read book 1, Falling Stars, please read it first, this one won’t make much sense otherwise!*

So this has nothing to do with my review itself, but I am totally confused by the publication dates listed for this one and book 1… nevermind… it doesn’t actually matter

I really liked this one. It wasn’t as heavy and intense as the first one (not saying I don’t like heavy and intense… I really do), it was light, quick, and fun! And by quick, I mean my Kobo says it was only about 94 pages, so super short (But hey, it’s a novella. It’s supposed to be short!). And because it was so short, there’s not a whole lot I can say without revealing too much of the story.

Writing wise, the p.o.v. shifts were so much better than in the first novel! I didn’t see the repeated dialogues and scenes like were present in Falling Stars. Ebook formatting was great as was the editing.

Loved this one, it was a great way to follow up with Mia and Chris and to set up for book 2!


*I received this book in exchange for my honest review.*
*This review can also be found on Courtney’s Book Blog*

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Falling Stars by Sadie Grubor



   Discretion advised: This book may be unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18, due to mature themes, language and sexual content.

  Title: Falling Stars
  Author: Sadie Grubor
  Series: Falling Stars
Publication Date: Aug 2014
Publisher: Book Nerd Revelation
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 402
Format: ebook
Source: Author supplied Review Copy
Find the Book: AmazonGoodreads

Christopher Mason, front man of the band The Forgotten. He’s hot, he’s famous and everything a famous rock star can be. But despite his fame and bad boy look, inside he battles demons. Demons so powerful they may destroy him. All hope seems lost. Slowly, his star is falling.
Mia Ryder, lead vocalist of the band Hushed Mentality, enters his life. Energetic, fun, and laid-back, Mia is just about everything Christopher isn’t. And he definitely doesn’t want her on his tour.

But one night changes everything. For the first time in his life, Christopher Mason becomes sure of one thing, and it’s the one thing he’s tried so hard to push away.

It took me a while to get into this one. And even once I was too hooked to put it down it took me forever to read it. Which, for me, is curious. I call myself the “Devourer of books,” but this one was more like the “nibbler of books” until I got through it. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it. I did! It’s just not a light and quick read if that’s what you’re looking for.

There were probably a hundred times that I wanted to throw my Kobo at the wall because of something one of the characters said or did. Especially Christopher. He pushed my limits. With any “arrogant asshole prick” type characters, there is just a point where no matter what they do for the rest of the story, they have become completely irredeemable to me. No matter what they do from that point, I don’t care, I hate them and wish they would die. And it pretty much ruins a story for me, because at that point, I have absolutely no vested interest in the outcome of that character’s story arc. Well, Christopher came excruciatingly close to that line. As in a small breeze could have pushed him over it. For most of the book, I hated him. Then, somewhere about two-thirds of the way through, the tables turned and it was Mia I couldn’t stand anymore. Mia gets stuck, like a broken record, saying “it’s my body, it’s my decision.” Well, okay, I’m not here to discuss the whole pro-life/pro-choice thing. But SHUT THE FUCK UP Mia! Yeah, you let everyone know. You made it known that you wanted to “consider all of your options,” but for real? Had that been said one more time, I really would have put the book down and completely quit reading it. I get it, she was scared and emotional. But I can’t stand whiny bitches in real life, much less in my books!

The flow of scenes from one P.O.V. to the next definitely could have been handled better and in the first half of the book, especially, there was a lot of repeated information between Mia’s and Christopher’s scenes. There were a few grammar issues and a sentence or two missing words here and there. I definitely noticed several formatting issues, though those may just have been because I was reading a “review copy.” I did have an issue with the epilogue– it felt clunky and didn’t really flow with the rest of the story.

I absolutely loved the story itself though! When I was younger, I totally wanted to be in a band. I never got my band, but I was able to be uniquely involved in the underground music scene. So a lot of the scenes describing backstage and after parties took me back to my experiences. Not to mention the whole “asshole with a tortured soul gets a girl pregnant and actually steps up to the plate” thing is so reminiscent of  my own life. Actually, maybe that’s why Christopher and Mia pissed me off so badly… they just hit way too close to home, they’re way too much like my hubby and I.

All in all, it’s a compelling story with a great author!


*I received this book in exchange for my honest review.*
*This review can also be found on Courtney’s Book Blog*

Does Pure Fantasy exist?

Pure Fantasy.jpgThis was a new author for me. The title and book blurb didn’t quite cover what full extent of the book was about.

what its about

She has a perfect plan.

A new city. A new job. New acquaintances.

And most importantly: life without a man!

Will he disrupt her plan?



For  a taste of what the writing feels like & to learn more about M. Eror, click HERE

Jazmyne's Review

The beginning of this book is a dream. Lana is dreaming of her past, which tinges her anxiety of the future. You don’t know everything at first, but you get a hint that her past is an unpleasant one that is keeping her from living life to its fullest.

Meeting David was an accident, happening at the shoe store Lana owns. She is hesitant around him, around everyone really, and although the attraction is there it isn’t certain anything will come of it.  As the story unfolds, David keeps appearing and finally the two give in to their attraction.

There’s a lot to be said for the storyline of this book. It addresses an issue faced by many women throughout the world, and does so in a positive way. It also presents interesting characters who have true flaws and must learn how to live with those flaws and how they affect others. The story gives some twists and turns as it continues, and you begin to learn some of the secrets and intricacies created amongst the characters and plot.

That being said, there were a few things that I didn’t enjoy. Parts of the story seem drawn out. For me, it seemed the parts I was least interested in often lasted the longest. This is the author’s choice, and I support that, but for me it didn’t work. Another issue for me was the language. It wasn’t inappropriate or foul language at all! I felt that some of the dialogue and sentence structure didn’t flow as easily for me, as it has with other novels. Some of the dialogue felt a little cheesy, and I couldn’t imagine someone really saying some of the lines and being taken seriously. Again, this is simply a choice by the author and probably a difference in our colloquial, and personal, word choices.

Overall a good story. If you like romance, caring men, and crazy families, you will mostly likely enjoy this story.

3 stars.JPG

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Time to get Dirty again…

DL AMAZON (1) (1).jpg

This book  should NOT be read if you haven’t read Dirty Girl.
(Click for more info^^)

“What she doesn’t realize is I already know how big a mistake I made when I walked away from her three years ago, and I’m not going to do it again.”

Jazmyne's Review



At the end of Dirty Girl we were left hanging off the edge of a cliff. Not knowing which way this story was going to turn, I was DELIGHTED as I made my way through this book. There were several story lines to follow, and I was excited to see how (or if) Meghan tied them up.

Cav’s past is pretty vague. We know a bit about where he came from, and learn more as we read, but after the bomb that was dropped in Belize, it seemed we needed to know more. In this book, Cav stole my heart. He is absolutely flawed, totally caveman, great at keeping secrets, and impossibly full of heart. “I’m falling in love with her again. It isn’t the second time. Or the third. Or the fourth. With Greer, it seems to happen constantly.

He tackles any obstacle that stands in the way of him keeping Greer, even if that obstacle is her. Some of you might think that is wrong, like he would simply kidnap Greer and keep her against her will. Not what I’m saying.

“…I missed you, baby girl.
How the hell could I fix this if I couldn’t even get to you?
You walked out and I had no other option.”

Sometimes we fight against our own happiness because we don’t think we deserve it or because it’s not what others envisioned for our happiness. Greer does this.

This book revealed SO MANY SECRETS! There were connections I definitely did not expect, and some that I had anticipated and dreaded seeing come to light. Also, Meghan introduced a slew of new characters (and they’d better be getting their stories!) whom were an absolute asset to the story!

There was so much to love about this book. I dig alpha males who take control and prove their affections with action. That being said, Cav is that man. He makes some questionable choices, some I’m not sure if I agree with even now, but he makes these choices for the betterment of HIS woman.

To be honest, my review doesn’t convey all of what I felt through this book. I know it’s not necessarily an angsty read, but anytime something touches my heart or conflicts my emotions, I get all the feels. This book, although HOT, also reached to my heart.

5 stars.JPG

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Available May 31 !

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Author Guest Post: CJ Rutherford

Bookworm would like to introduce you to our first weekly Author Guest Post.

Each week a different author will be asked to contribute a blog post including a little bit about themselves and what they write, a little advice to other authors based on personal experience and an author interview! We’ve had a little fun with this and like to encourage the authors to give us a little snippet inside their creative world by letting one of their characters run wild.

This week’s author is CJ Rutherford! Bookworm would like to send a huge thank you to CJ for dedicating the time to contribute our very first guest post!

Well, how should I start talking about me, when I hate talking about me? Maybe I’ll leave this up to everyone’s favourite dragon. You up for it, Claude?

Urgh…must I? I was just about to visit my mermaid friends of the coast of Western Australia. I just received a message about a particularly fine vat of Fireball whiskey they have brewed. Oh, very well then, if you insist.

Now, where should I begin? While living inside CJ Rutherford’s head, I am privy to his innermost thoughts, but there are some things the world does not need to know, so I’ll stick to the more relevant parts.

CJ grew up on a farm in very rural Donegal, Ireland. The nearest neighbor was over a mile away, and the closest town over ten miles down a rugged country trail. After a few years, his family moved to a large town, but CJ spent most summer holidays on the farm. He was never lonely though, as he shared his granddads love of books. When not working the farm, he read. He lived in different worlds, had adventures with imaginary beings, and wandered the fields. This is where he started story-telling, even if he only read the words in his own mind.

Skip a few decades…oh, sorry CJ, how rude of me to reveal how old you are…but when you are a centuries old dragon, a smattering of decades is nothing. Anyway, CJ grew up, physically at least, and had a family, two little girls called Jessica and Lucy. Each night at bedtime, he told them a story, a different one each night for years. Jessica grew up and decided she was getting too old for stories, but he still had Lucy. Unfortunately, you humans grow up so fast, so in another couple of years Lucy told him she was getting to old for stories as well.

Thing is, CJ had so much gibberish floating around his brain, so decided to start writing. Originally he intended to write a book for human children, based on the stories he’d told his own, but they began to turn darker with each page. Hence was born his Tales of the Neverwar.


Ok, Claude. I can take it from here, and thanks. I have a few more gray hairs thanks to your antics with the Australian Air Traffic Control. Yes, I know that it wasn’t your fault, but what are they to think when a dragon flies over Melbourne in summer, just before the biggest forest fire in local history?
But I suppose I should talk about my books.

Right, well my series is called the Tales of the Neverwar, and it spans a few genres. Unlike other books who might be say, fantasy, scifi, romance, or time-travel, Tales of the Neverwar combines all of these. It was incredibly fun to write, from the two main characters based on my daughter and her best friend, to the references to Friends. There are dragons in Souls of the Never, book one of the series, but they don’t know they are dragons until book two. In Worlds of the Never, the first dragon returns, and I introduce a new race – the reptilian Zhibalbans, a matriarchal society. Book three, War of the Never, has dragons battling spaceships, and drags magic screaming back into our reality.

I think it’s important to respect my fans, and while ebooks are important, some people love paperbacks or audiobooks, so all my books are available on audio. My narrator, Katie Welburn, makes my chest swell every time I hear what she does. She brings my characters to life in such a way that it feels like I’m listening to someone else’s book. Maybe she is…hmm, I’ll have to have a word.

Do NOT expect to write a book and become instantly rich. It’s a long hard slog, and you will have pitfalls. You will want to give up. You will read your words and wonder why anyone will want to read this crap. KEEP…WRITING! The best way not to succeed is not to try.

What is your favourite part about writing?

I love it when the characters do something totally unexpected. I’m a total pantser. In case you don’t know what that is, it means I have a completely rough idea of a story, but no real details. I sit down and let my characters do their thing. I had one of my main characters die on me in a book (not saying which one), and it took me totally by surprise. I cried the whole time while I wrote the scene. It’s also reduced most of the people who’ve read it to tears as well, so it’s either well done or complete crap. I’ll let you decide.

What is your least favourite part of the book publishing process?

Probably editing. Promo can be a chore as well, but at least you get a bit of excitement when you see a spike in sales.

What is your writing routine?
I have none. I work shifts and have two kids, a wife , and a crazy dog. Sometimes I get a minutes peace and write a few words. Sometimes I write late at night, when the kids and wife are in bed and the dog is curled up at my feet.

What have you got in the works? 

I’m currently rewriting my short horror story, Treaters, turning it into a novella, or maybe a full length novel. I’ll see how it goes. I’m also 25k words into another series, this time pure high fantasy. This one is first person, told from the pov of a young faer girl, taken from her family to serve in the Eldar court. My daughter has read the start and has compared it to a loose retelling of Cinderella. I’m quite chuffed at that.

WIP Challenge: Give us 4 lines of your current WIP from the 5th chapter, starting at the 8th line. 

The Dwelves worshipped Astalon the smith, whose constellation shared two stars with Gaelen the giver, the chief deity among my people. It had been a bone of contention for millennia, the main reason for the strife between our two peoples.

I wished we had had our respective leaders there when we realized the intertwining stars were the parts symbolizing their lips. Astalon and Gaelen kissed in the heavens.

If you could give your past self one piece of advice before you started your author journey, what would it be? 

Do NOT release an unedited book that you’d written in three weeks on an android tablet, and expect it to be an instant best seller lol.

What is your current playlist for your WIP?

I love listening to ambient music while writing. This isn’t a playlist as such, but I find it inspires me at times

Where do you find your inspiration for story ideas? Characters? Settings? Does it hit you all at once or in small parts?

I have a beginning, and normally an ending. Most of the rest just comes in random flashes of madness lol.

Do you always write in the same place, or do your stories take you writing in different places? (Like do you usually write in your office, but some stories/characters inspire you to write outside or at the park?)

Normally sat at my laptop on my armchair.

What kind of research do you do for your books, ie… places, background for characters, different positions or situations? 

Nah…research? I write fantasy, with some scifi thrown in. If someone asks ‘How is that even possible?’ I just say, ‘Because…magic!’ No seriously though. I did a little research for the science in Tales of the Neverwar. It has some particle physics, so I had to make sure I wasn’t spouting complete rubbish.

If you had to publish a book outside of your genre, what would you be interested in writing? 

Probably a techno-thriller, something like Tom Clancy. I love his books.

Are any of your characters based off anyone in real life? 

Oh yeah. Katheryne and Perri are based on my daughter, Jessica, and her best friend, Faith. Some of my reviews have stated how realistic the interactions between them are. That’s because some of the conversations are real.

If you had to describe your book in one sentence to a new reader what would it be? 

A Multi-dimensional, Apocalyptic, Fantasy Romance.

Which character was your favourite to create? 

I love Perri. She so sassy and takes no shit.

What advice can you give someone who is new to writing? 

Build a network of friends who will support you first. There are so many groups out there that support new authors. The WORST thing you can do is throw a book up on Amazon and start spamming social media with ‘BUY MY BOOK!’ links. It’s much better if you get others to post links to your books.

Out of all of your books, which one is your favourite? Why? 

Probably the last in my Neverwar series, War of the Never. I literally cried at the end, and have just had a review where the reader was reduced to tears as well. Damn…I’m welling up here even thinking about it.

What are your top 5 favourite books? 

My favourite book I read last year was Iron Mike by Patricia Rose. It’s awesome. I read a book called Bitter Bonds, by Heather Osborn last week and really loved it. Even more so as it was so far away from the genre I normally read. I can say that my guilty pleasure is anything by Sarah J. Maas. My daughter got me into her Throne of Glass series and I am totally hooked. I’ve devoured everything she’s written. I even look up the blogs on Tumblr. I’m a total fanboi.

What is your favourite music?

Everything from heavy rock to classical, depending on my mood.

Coffee or tea? 

What is this tea stuff you talk of?

What are your go-to rereads? 

Lord of the Rings, The Narnia series, and Tom Clancy. I think I’ve read Red Storm Rising five times.

Do you still get excited over other authors? If so, which authors make you the most excited? 

I sooo can’t wait for Patricia Rose to finish the next Iron Mike book. I’ve read some of it and it is amazing.

What book made you fall in love with books for the first time?

Definitely no contest here. I still remember the first time I read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I used to spend my summers on my grandad’s farm in Donegal. I took books with me to pass the time. I think I read it three times over one summer.

Which character do you relate to the most? Why? 

I think I’m a little like Derren in my Neverwar series. I’m a total romantic, and the love story in my books really tugged my heart strings.

This one is important… Which Disney movie is your favourite? 

Frozen, all the way!

Favourite cereal? 

What is cereal? Mmm, I smell bacon.

Cats or dogs? 
Dogs. I grew up training sheepdogs on the farm, but now we make Mazie, our third daughter.

Beverage of choice? 

Wine. I make my own homebrew.

If you could recommend 5 books to people, which books would you recommend and why? 

Iron Mike…have I mentioned this one before lol? It has a character called Hershey. Hershey is a dog, and parts of the book are told from his pov. It’s awesome. Anything by Sarah J. Maas, again lol. Mark Tilbury writes a great series called The Ben Whittle Investigations. Doug Dandridge is a great author who writes awesome space opera. Any of his are great, as are similar authors, Mark Cooper and David Weber.

Do you have any bad habits? Which one is the worst? 
Not writing when I should be lol.

Give us 10 random, quirky facts about yourself.

  • I have an imaginary dragon called Claude who lives in my head.
  • I once fell over drunk on live TV. On the News at Ten to be precise.
  • Sean Connery once told me to F@#k off when I asked him for an autograph.
  • I sat next to this guy when on holidays with my parents. My mum asked him what he did and he replied that he wrote music. She asked him if he’d written anything she might know, and he asked her if she’d ever heard of a movie called Star Wars. It was only John Williams. My mum actually said she had never heard of it. I think I kicked her under the table. I was nine years old at the time.
  • I used to be in the Air Force, and sailed more than my brother who was in the Navy.
  • While in the Air Force, a group of us regularly went out in fancy dress. One night while dressed as a woman, I was chatted up by a guy. He bought me a drink and everything. Imagine his face when I followed him into the gents and hitched my skirt up to pee. You’ve never seen a guy run as fast in your life.
  • I’ve met Jimmy Saville and lived to tell the tale.
  • I’ve seen Oliver Reed crash his Jaguar into a pillar, throw up out of the window, then drive off.

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Twitter: @coljr3

Instagram: cjrutherford

Review: “Luna” by Garon Whited

“It’s the end of the world, and I have the best seat in the house.”

A Red Raven Reads Review of “Luna” by Garon Whited

luna //


The book begins with an introduction to protagonist Maxwell Hardy, an astronaut in the post-apocalyptic aftermath of World War III, and his fellow crew members aboard the titular space shuttle “Luna.” They are voyaging toward the moon when they learn that the world as we know it has, in effect, ended. We follow Max and the crew on their journey to the moon, but mostly their life on the moon when they land shortly thereafter— decisions about repopulating the planet, searching for other survivors, and characters discovering themselves amidst an existential crisis unlike any other. “Luna” is a strange combination of lunar-borne science fiction, subpar romance, humor, action, and… murder. BUM BUM BUMMMMM.


“Luna” has a LOT of good things going for it. The realistic descriptions of lunar life are phenomenally presented and well-researched. The writing itself is vivid, spunky, and alive. Further, it is literally laugh-out-loud funny. However, the reason why I read this book throughout the problems I will discuss below is Maxwell himself. Is he realistic? No, not really. But he’s so gosh darn likable that no negativity I could give about his character even matters. He can be impulsive and immature, but he’s also down-to-earth, witty, carefree, and childish in a way that made me smile right along with the 6’5” goofball. I love Max. I really do.

It is exceedingly clear that a lot of love and heart went into this book, and that Mr. Whited is a gifted writer and character-creator. However, despite the immense amount of positivity I can discuss, as a reviewer it is also my job to be the bearer of bad news.


It seems fairly obvious to me that this book was plotted out sparingly, if at all. The scenes mesh together like bricks and Elmer’s glue— that is to say, they don’t. The book is all over the place. There is a lot of sharp wit to this book that I appreciate but it’s hard to appreciate when EARTH IS BASICALLY DEAD. The light-heartedness about the affair is so contradictory to a necessary but absent sense of realism concerning the very serious subject matter.

There is an abundance of typographical errors, which didn’t bother me much when I was reading the book, though I know that is a deal-breaker for some. The romance was poorly done and it made little to no sense at all. Maxwell is a very likable character, so why in the world does he choose to propose to Kathy, a veritable jealous psychopath, less than halfway through the book?

I think my biggest complaint is the lack of realistic human emotion. Stop making jokes about how badly every woman wants you, bro. And the sex jokes were absolutely the worst. I actually couldn’t tell if they were supposed to be jokes or a form of seduction half the time. Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure there was a joke about Max’s penis “lifting off” that Kathy tried to say seductively. You had one job, and it was to not go… there.


Despite all this, I liked what I read. The writing style is very fun to read— it bounces along and sparks and sizzles and bites. Maxwell is likeable— his “delightfully skewed way he looks at the world” is beyond refreshing. Further, I’ve said it once and I will say it again- PHENOMENAL. RESEARCH. I didn’t understand half of the technical jargon but I was super into it. Say more big words I don’t understand, please. -insert heart-eyes emoticon here-

While this would be a great book for the right person and it definitely deserves a chance, the bad almost drowned out the good for me. And it kills me to type that, because with a solid plot, with more character development, with a concise theme and direction, this book has the potential to be GREAT, and I truly mean that. I think Mr. Whited is a unique voice, a breath of fresh air, and a writer with boundless potential. However, amidst the poor plotting, unrealistic characters, lack of direction, and a rushed and unfulfilling romance that I would love to see removed from the book entirely, I can only say I liked it, but I disliked it a little more.


However, from a solely objective point of view, I would rate this book 3/5 stars, and would certainly recommend giving it a shot (especially for only $3 on Amazon) if the problems I’ve mentioned aren’t deal-breakers and you’d like to read something witty and lighthearted. This book WILL make you laugh, guaranteed. It wasn’t my cup of tea, but hey, I’m a coffee person.

Wanna Get Lucky? ;)

“WGet Lucky Ebook Coverhen in Vegas, ignore the douches, let the good times roll, and always carry a spare set of panties in your purse, just in case.
That’s what Mom used to tell me. Mom  was fun.”


Jazmyne's Review
This book was a great reprieve from the angsty, heartbreaking, soul crushing romances I’ve read lately!
Julia is a romance novelist. She writes sassy, daring, sexy females. Is she one? Nope. She’s a nerd, a total nerd. When she wakes up in a hotel room, in VEGAS, with a strange man … she’s reconsidering some of her choices.
Nate is a divorce lawyer — about the farthest thing from romance as you can get. He’s been conditioned to see only the bad that can go wrong when couples follow “love.” When he wakes up with an unexpected guest in his hotel room, and he has NO idea who she is, he is beyond angry.
So, the story continues with Nate & Julia running into each other EVERYWHERE, until they try to decipher what happened that night. Like a repeat of The Hangover, these two are pretty much chasing their tails all over VEGAS trying to discover what shenanigans they had been into. All the while trying to deny, or maybe not deny, the attraction  growing between them.
  • This book was fun! The verbal sparring between Nate & Julia was my favorite! Those two couldn’t have been more opposite, in beliefs, attitude, and actions. It seemed anytime Nate wanted to pull, Julia demanded they push. The love that grows between them seems something of a miracle, at first, until you get a chance to truly see their hearts.
  • I also enjoyed learning about their night as they did. I’m so glad that the author chose to keep me out of the loop and allow me to discover as they did. That made every feeling more real and allowed me to feel as they felt.

You’ll definitely be smiling and swooning throughout this entire book.
And if you love nerdy things like Doctor Who & Star Trek, you’ll LOVE Julia ❤

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