I Can Read With My Eyes Shut

I’m sure some of you would be thrilled to know that I almost titled this post, “Read My Book, Bitch,” but then I remembered, I don’t write books, I read them… and then review them. And that’s what this is, a blog chock-full of reviews from none other than the awesome reviewers over at the Bookworm group on Facebook.

Never heard of Bookworm? Well, find out more about us from the Bookworm Group and the Meet the Team page.

We’re all avid readers and love the worlds that books can take us to, the adventures they give, and the lessons we learn. We believe that books are an amazing way to escape reality and delve into another life.

Writing reviews is our way of giving back to the authors that have given us so much! We support them and the work they do because without them we wouldn’t have books or the experiences that they can give us. Getting to know the authors and promoting their work is our way of helping other readers experience this too.

Stalk Follow us right here on the blog, join the group on FB, and find us on Twitter and Instagram. You might just discover some amazing new reads, remarkable authors, and maybe even a few new friends along the way!


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