Wanna Get Lucky? ;)

“WGet Lucky Ebook Coverhen in Vegas, ignore the douches, let the good times roll, and always carry a spare set of panties in your purse, just in case.
That’s what Mom used to tell me. Mom  was fun.”


Jazmyne's Review
This book was a great reprieve from the angsty, heartbreaking, soul crushing romances I’ve read lately!
Julia is a romance novelist. She writes sassy, daring, sexy females. Is she one? Nope. She’s a nerd, a total nerd. When she wakes up in a hotel room, in VEGAS, with a strange man … she’s reconsidering some of her choices.
Nate is a divorce lawyer — about the farthest thing from romance as you can get. He’s been conditioned to see only the bad that can go wrong when couples follow “love.” When he wakes up with an unexpected guest in his hotel room, and he has NO idea who she is, he is beyond angry.
So, the story continues with Nate & Julia running into each other EVERYWHERE, until they try to decipher what happened that night. Like a repeat of The Hangover, these two are pretty much chasing their tails all over VEGAS trying to discover what shenanigans they had been into. All the while trying to deny, or maybe not deny, the attraction  growing between them.
  • This book was fun! The verbal sparring between Nate & Julia was my favorite! Those two couldn’t have been more opposite, in beliefs, attitude, and actions. It seemed anytime Nate wanted to pull, Julia demanded they push. The love that grows between them seems something of a miracle, at first, until you get a chance to truly see their hearts.
  • I also enjoyed learning about their night as they did. I’m so glad that the author chose to keep me out of the loop and allow me to discover as they did. That made every feeling more real and allowed me to feel as they felt.

You’ll definitely be smiling and swooning throughout this entire book.
And if you love nerdy things like Doctor Who & Star Trek, you’ll LOVE Julia ❤

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US:  http://bit.ly/GetLuckyAMZNUS
UK:  http://bit.ly/GetLuckyAMZNUK

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