Author Guest Post: Aaron L Speer

Hi guys, it’s that time of week again! Yay!

Each week a different author will be asked to contribute a blog post including a little bit about themselves and what they write, a little advice to other authors based on personal experience and an author interview! We’ve had a little fun with this and like to encourage the authors to give us a little snippet inside their creative world by letting one of their characters run wild.

This week we have Aaron L Speer (and Julian) joining us for a guest post! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to contribute this piece to the blog!  

Thank you very much to Bookworm for having me!I’ve been writing since I was around 11, and have rarely been seen without staring off into the distance or with a pen in my hand ever since.

Whatever my genre I happen to be writing at the time, I am passionate about bringing this beautiful country I live in, Australia, to light.

I’ve released two books thus far. As an Indie author I’ve made a heap of mistakes and learned heaps. Made some great friends along the way too. Writing can be a very lonely thing, but the best thing about the Indie community is that we are supportive of one another. We are all trying to live or dreams and it shows. There is competition no doubt, but the dam broke on Indie authors around 5 years ago and there has been an influx of stories ever since. Dare I say it, they might even be more…refreshing, then the known authors of today. There is no such thing as on original story these days, and it’s true. But where you will find something fresh and exciting is a community that is beholden to no one. 

But enough about me, I would like to intro-

(Shut your hole, human.)


(I will do my own introductions. My name is Julian Kent. I am a vampire, the villain of Aaron’s stories. And while my…’creator’ will give you pompous messages of hope disguised as advice, telling you how special you are. I will tell you facts, clarity, otherwise known as the truth.)

Just..uh..ignore him. 

(Good fucking luck with that)

Anyway…moving on! 

(Yes…let us just.)

My debut novel Night Walker managed to become an Amazon Best Seller (yes, because the very thing the book world needs is MORE vampire fiction) the first in the Undeadly Secrets series based on the vampires of Sydney. Day Dreamer released on the 31st May and I couldn’t be more chuffed! While they include vampires and other paranormal creatures, it mainly focuses on drama, relationships, love and sacrifice. (Horseshit. Your books are about sex) No they aren’t. (Oh no? Did I or did I not read the following review “Seriously steamy scenes” “One hot read” and so on) They have sex scenes in them, yes. But they aren’t the be all and end all (Keep telling yourself that). 

What is your favourite part about writing? 

Threading the links of a story that seems to always come in bits and pieces. The feeling of completing it.  
What is your least favourite part of the book publishing process?

The aftermath. The marketing, promos etc. (Ah yes, the actual hard work. Poor you)

What is your writing routine? 

It varies. (Its disorganised and ridiculous.) I will usually spend my time listening to music, depending on the scenes I’m working on.

What have you got in the works?

The third novel in my Undeadly Secrets Series, Shadow Chaser. (Ah yes, I am looking forward to this) My version of a horror novel, darker than I have ever done.

WIP Challenge: Give us 4 lines of your current WIP from the 5th chapter, starting at the 8th line:

Nicole held her breath as the wand was waved over her stomach. Just as she did passing through the airport x-ray. Don’t be so stupid, she thought. They can’t tell anything.

If you could give your past self one piece of advice before you started your author journey, what would it be? 

Writing the book isn’t even half the job. (Don’t start. You cant do it. Your writing sucks, no one would want to read it)

What is your current playlist for WIP? 

The Tubular Bells, Epic trailer music and My Darling Clementine (What the hell sort of music taste is that shit?)

Where do you find your inspiration for story ideas? Characters? Settings? Does it hit you all at once or in small parts? 

It hits me in parts. (When his ‘talent’ decides to make an appearance)

Do you always write in the same place, or do your stories take you writing in different places?

 Always in the same place, with my laptop or tablet I get inspired anywhere but always write my stuff in the one place.

What kind of research do you do for your books, ie… places, background for characters, different positions or situations? 

Ask women! Having female beta readers or street team members is the best research and feedback fountain I know. (Horny bitches is what he likes)

If you had to publish a book outside of your genre, what would you be interested in writing? 

Fantasy is actually in my future plans (Because living other’s lives is much more exciting than living the day to day hell of his own)

Are any of your characters based off anyone in real life? 

(Oh this should be good) No, they aren’t. I have names of people that I have known, but they don’t represent the character. I just like their name. (I know for a fact there is at least one death you named after someone you hated) No, no no no no. Didn’t happen, would never happen! (Pussy)

If you had to describe your book in one sentence to a new reader what would it be? 

 True Blood in Sydney!

What book made you fall in love with books for the first time

Harry Potter

This one is important… Which Disney movie is your favourite? 

Sleeping Beauty (Lion King…Love the death of the dad)

Favourite cereal?

Pffft, Nutella on toast.

Cats or dogs? 

Dogs (They both make the same noise when their necks are cracking)

Beverage of choice? 

Coke (A Negative)

If you could recommend 5 books to people, which books would you recommend and why?

Godfather, Dracula – both classics In my opinion. The Harry Potter series, need there be another reason? The Great Zoo of China, dragons in the modern world? Jurassic Park with dragons! The Faraway Tree (The children’s book, are you serious?) I loved that book, it was my best childhood book (You are even more of a toad than I thought)

Do you have a favourite quote that changed your life? If so, which one?

“It is not our abilities that decide who we are, it is our choices” – Albus Dumbledore
Do you have any bad habits? Which one is the worst? (Procrastination) Procrastination. Oh…jinx? (Get f**ked)

Give us 10 random, quirky facts about yourself.

1.       I love chocolate

2.       (I think blood tastes better when they’re screaming)

3.       I have been known to scream at the TV when my football team loses

4.       (I am over 300 years old)

5.       I laugh relentlessy and suddenly at things I think of in my own head

6.       (I can teleport)

7.       I can make anything innocent someone says sexual (Prove how good you are) That’s what she said (f*ck)

8.       (I prefer eating women, they are much more susceptible to pain)

9.       I prefer Disney/Dreamworks films to almost anything

10. (Humanity will fall)

Night Walker Buy link

Day Dreamer buy link

Aaron L Speer author page

Goodreads link


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