Journeyman Series Begins!

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It’s been a long time since I’ve delved into something so clearly fantasy, and I have to say I missed it. 


Jazmyne's Review

Initial Observations

That very first paragraph.

As an English teacher, and avid reader, the descriptive words chosen for this story were some of the best I’ve read. I know that sometimes if you’re too descriptive in a story, it can be perceived as cheesy or trying too hard. This did not. The words used were perfect to give me the mindset of ominous darkness that underlies the entire story.

  • Something I noticed, as I began reading, was that this story reminds me of a grown-up Shadowhunters. Mind you, there are several differences, but the nuance is there.

The Beasties

The beasts and demons of this story are intense and realistic. I most enjoyed that the beasts were terrifyingly described, not easily defeated, and realistically not all in agreement. Branching out from commonly used “evil” beasts into the demon realm made the story a bit darker, and it seemed the Journeyman job more serious.

  • Too often we’re surrounded with watered-down versions of “evil” figures, so that when we hear of them in stories they aren’t as intimidating. This story did not present friendly in its other-wordly characters. They were not all in agreement on how their nefarious plans should be followed, but they were not cuddly.

The Human Characters

The Journeyman main characters of this book were complex. Not only are they each talented in multiple ways, their skill set is each vastly different. Each person is tough and trained to fight, but they’re not all “fighters.” Their relationships also seem unresolved. A definite friendship exists between them, but much deeper feelings run beneath the surface. As you meet each of them, even though the storyline presents their interactions, I found myself second guessing their choices.

  • I still have some guesses about the future and I hope I’m right 😉

The other humans encountered didn’t get nearly as much time featured, but I liked that. I enjoyed that we got a lot of detail time with the mains, but that they had to interact outside their group and into the “real world.” The beasties have a lot of influence in the human world. I liked that, not because I’m rooting for the beasties, but because it’s real.

One issue I had with the story was it seemed a bit … busy.
Let me explain what I mean.

  • There was a LOT going on throughout the whole book, almost no break. Along with that, the character POV sort of shifted within each chapter. For me, this meant there were times I treated this novel as more of a textbook, and I had to go back to reread details and almost study to be certain I was on the right storyline.

Even with the bit of confusion along the way, 5 stars for this book. I
think this series is going places.

5 stars

Available June 6 !!


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