What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, usually …

Vegas Follows You Home.jpgOlivia Harlow
It’s a trip with friends. A single girl’s celebratory getaway. Olivia Harlow finishes the biggest job she’s been offered since starting Harlow Cakes, her custom and specialty cake shop and bakery. So, it’s a Vegas weekend for Olivia, the level headed, single mother, with her life scheduled.

There is no way she could guess what would happen and who would follow her home.

Damon Knyght
His search is over. After rising up from the ashes of his life and the pain, he found them. Now that he has them, there is no letting go.



Jazmyne's Review

I’m not a remedy or anyone’s sanity. Alex and I are not a bandage for your sadness.


After a night in Vegas, Olivia wakes up with a hazy memory, in a strange room, and with a husband; a husband that won’t go away. Damon is adamant that they had a connection which should be explored and he will not grant her petition for annulment, even going so far as to show up in her town!

There’s something out of place in the whole situation; secrets are kept and boundaries are tested. Is this relationship something that needs to be explored or is Damon just a man with an unhealthy obsession?

I want to start off by saying I loved the premise of this story. The past events that culminated to bring Olivia and Damon together create a great story. I love how secrets are woven into secrets, and then those come together to create the path of the story. There was so many turns of events that I was never quite caught up & I loved that!

I also enjoyed the relationships between characters. Olivia’s friends, Damon’s family, and the others who popped in and out of the story all had interesting interactions. I loved the support of Olivia’s friends and how different they all were to each other. Damon’s family also held a stark contrast between members, and I enjoyed seeing their personalities develop through the story’s events.

One thing that threw me off track was Olivia, and sometimes Damon’s, attitudes. I completely understand where Olivia is coming from, mourning a lost love and locking yourself up behind a wall. But some of her reactions, for me, were downright obnoxious. I know that in love, we are often our own worst enemies, but for me this wasn’t represented in some of Olivia’s outward responses. The same with Damon. He was a bit over the top at times. I would have been seriously concerned if some of his antics happened in real life, and for me, that caused parts of the story to lack for me.

Overall, I enjoyed the story and the concept. I loved that their love didn’t come easy, the story was always interesting, and the plot just kept twisting. A good read, for sure.

3 stars doodle

Excerpt 4.JPG“I think we should talk, discuss a few things that you seem to be unclear about.”

Smiling he grabs my hand, my left hand. Bringing it up to my face, he holds it alongside his. “See anything familiar? Perhaps something matching?”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” I exclaim.

My eyes are locked onto my very own matching band of gold.

“I’m afraid this isn’t a joke.” His intense eyes scan over my face.

“Oh, right, I’m so sorry. I don’t know how this happened.” Heat flushes my skin, the embarrassment and mortification doing their job. “Well, I’m pretty sure the margaritas and shots had something to do with it, but I assure you this isn’t something I would normally do. I’ll contact a lawyer and we can get this taken care of as quickly as possible.” Swallowing back a tornado of emotions, I try to move around him.

His arm winds around my waist, pulling my back into his chest.

“You aren’t getting rid of me that easily.” He whispers.
The heat from his breath along with the intensity in his words both panic and excite me.

Paperback also available.


Paperback: http://bit.ly/25KD0JN


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