From this Day Forward: A Review

From This Day Forwrd.jpgThis was a brand new author for me! She approached me for a review of her latest release and I had to give it a try! I love finding new words!

Let’s start off with a bit about the book.

Elizabeth tries to pick up the pieces when her marriage falls apart, but after an accident she finds that nothing in her life is as she remembers it- including her husband.

What the heck is that?!
That’s no way to let me know what’s happening!!

But of course,  it did just that. I was intrigued.


Before I get into my review,
let’s give you a taste of the writing in the story.
(I borrowed this from Goodreads, because it was my only insight into the story!)

Excerpt 4.JPG“I’d always played it safe and look where it got me.
My life ended the day he walked out the door.

I just needed one night of recklessness to grieve the end of my marriage. I didn’t plan on meeting him. What if it’s too good to be true?

Do people actually get the life they deserve?”

That didn’t help me AT. ALL. Now there was no choice, I NEEDED to read it.

Jazmyne's Review

Elizabeth is faced with a huge life challenge right at the beginning of the book – her marriage is over. With the help of her best friend Jess, her therapist, and some well portioned champagne, she begins to put the pieces of her life back together. That is, until … she doesn’t.

There’s so much about this story I cannot say without taking away some of the surprise of the plot. But let’s just say that once it seems that Elizabeth’s life is turning toward the better it all changes.

There were many things about this story I enjoyed:

  • The plot twist! I loved how what seemed to be happening at the beginning was merely a reflection of what was truly happening
  • The feelings and emotions. I completely understood how the characters were feeling. Did I always agree with them? Hardly. But I get it.
  • The twists and turns. It seems once we thought we’d figured things out, it seemed we hadn’t. I love that I didn’t figure things out all at once.

The thing I had the most trouble getting on board with was the concept of cheating. This is just me. There are a lot of things I’ve read about in stories that are controversial or even unpleasant, but for some reason cheating is one thing that just makes me disconnect from the story. That being said, I think this story gave an honest representation of how it can get out of hand. Each of these characters made choices and their choices led to where they’re left at the end of the book – which is unresolved.

Overall an interesting read, and one that most would probably enjoy.

3 star doodle.png


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If you fear a cliffhanger, NO WORRIES!

The conclusion to this story should be coming this summer!
Add it to you Goodreads!TBR-Small

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