Jersey Girl By Rhonda James

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Jersey Girl by Rhonda James

Sports Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

I’m in love with this book. This story just knock me out in a good way. You all should read it


You know when you fall in love with one person just because of their words? This happened to me when I read Alaska & Bust from my beloved Rhonda James and this love grew with each new book I read, such as “My Only Regret” or “Twisted Fate”, and now “Jersey Girl” achieved the unthinkable, it made me fell in love even more.
I was waiting for this book for some time and no one can imagine the state of anxiety that I was when I started to read it. The expectation I had was very large, but I was sure that this book would be a success and I wasn’t wrong.

This is the story of Cassie and Brantley, two students at the university, with very different dreams and goals in life.
Cassie wanted to leave the city in which she studied and lived, needed to get away from her ex-boyfriend and reconnect with her older brother, so she chose to move to the same university that her brother studied because that way she would have her fresh start.
Brantley is a finalist of the university, one of the best hockey players on his team that want to pursue a career in this sport. He doesn’t want any relationship because he was very hurt in the past.
When Cassie and Brantley know each other something changes in them, something happens that will give a direction to this story that will hold you until the last page. Can they get involved without her older brother and his best friend find out?
What’s most important, friendship or love? Is it worth breaking the trust of our best friend in exchange for a relationship? Is a broken heart capable of love again?
The level of feeling of this book is something I cannot describe. I am completely speechless to tell you what’s on the soul. This entire story made me think that maybe, just maybe God writes straight in crooked lines!
In some passages of this book I was very nervous, there were others who made me dream and the comic factor is also present in this book, as well as some hot scenes in the mix.
I can, without a shadow of a doubt, recommend this book to all of those who believes in love and I can say that Rhonda James is one of the most talented authors I know.
Rhonda this book, like the others I read from you, could arouse in me feelings and emotions that I cannot describe. I loved every word, every chapter, every up and every down. Congratulations on this Best Seller


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