Storm – Bad Boys of X-Ops Book III By Rie Warren

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Storm–Bad Boys of X-Ops Book III by Rie Warren

Erotica Thriller

I give this book 4 stars!

Hi bookworms I give you another review. I think you all should take a look and read it.


When I started reading this book “Storm” I was a little hesitant because I did not know if I would like either the author’s writing or the story itself, but one thing I guarantee you, I loved it and I was very upset to not have read the other books in this series “Bad Boys of X-Ops” before, but I will read, that’s for sure.
Rie Warren writing is complex, which due to the theme of this book fits perfectly. Due to the language barrier, since I am Portuguese, there were words I did not understand at first, but because of the context I understand everything.
The suspense, crime, betrayal, drugs and violence are in great prominence in this plot, but the love, camaraderie and loyalty are also highlighted. Already the torrid scenes, oh my God, are quite present and breathtaking.
This is the story of Storm, a secret agent with a past something obscure. He is accustomed to participating in undercover missions, but this new operation is a little different because he will be infiltrated with his boss, the beautiful Blaize. This could be an operation like any other if Storm wasn’t feeling attracted to Blaize for some time. A lot happens and in the midst of madness and imminent danger we can find out the best of us.
The way this book is told is hilarious, because being the story told from the point of view of a man you can imagine why …
My goal will be to get the other two books in this series “Bad Boys of X-Ops” and read them because curiosity is killing me and I cannot wait for the next book.


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