The Way With You By Anne Mercier

A Bookworm Review by Ana

The Way With You by Anne Mercier


I give this book 5 stars!

And this is why i love to read


I was eagerly waiting for this book that you can’t even imagine how badly. I had so many questions that needed answers and the way the first book “The Way Back To Me” ended only made my anxiety levels reach the top of the scale.
“The Way With You” continues to tell the story of Olivia, and the entire book is told from her point of view. I was waiting for a story somewhat troubled, because of the way as the first book finished, but I wasn’t prepared for what happened.
The level of emotion, grief, love are well present, as well as jealousy, treason and negligence. I was nervous in some parts of the book, I cried, I was so annoyed but I also laugh a lot and I think this was the intention of Anne Mercier when she wrote this series. Her writing is simple and appealing.
How far is fair to harm and neglect the ones we love for the sake of our dreams? How far can the madness of a person go? Can we love again when our heart is broken? Can a friendship turn into true love?
This book continues to portray a rather controversial issue as bulling, I think we should all keep in mind because it is something that is increasingly present in our lives.
I can surely say that I really liked this book and once again emphasize that I was not waiting for the turns that this story took.

One thing you should note is that if you have not read the first book, “The Way Back To Me”, do not read this one because you will not understand the story, so read both as soon as possible because you will love them.
Anne Mercier are you going to write a book about Lex, Sebastian and Cam? I really want to know what will happen to them.


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