Relentless by Alyson Reynolds

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Relentless By Alyson Reynolds

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 4 stars!

We should all be Relentless in our lifes, this was the lesson that i tooke reading this amazing book by Alyson Reynolds


A new author plus a new book, equals a new chance to dream, feel, cry and laugh.
“Relentless” is the first book from author Alyson Reynolds I had the chance to read and I can guarantee it was not the last. I loved the plot, the characters, the mystery and the desire on every page I read. Alyson’s speech is simple, very detailed which alow us to feel all the emotions that the author wanted to convey while writing.
This book is told by Violet. She had a past marked by sadness, the betrayal and the cruelty of those who should have loved her unconditionally. She divorced a real player, an unscrupulous person who did everything in his power to get what he wanted without worrying and did everything to harm her, but Violet is stronger than that and so she moved to a distant land to try to follow her career and to try to be happy, try to chase her dreams away from the land that so badly treated her.
She is an actress and because of that she should be accustomed to her colleagues, but nothing had prepared her for the piece of hunk that was Jax.
Jax is an extremely attractive man, also an actor who loves what he does. He moved to the US due to his father’s death, because the memories were impossible to endure and overcome. When he meets Violet things change.
How can you explain the attraction that feels by a person after a single glance? Is love, desire or lust? How do you explain the feeling of knowing a person but do not know from where or when? Can we love again without fear and without reservation? Be happy and trust blindly in our couple?
Relentless is an intense book, with a lot of comedy to the mixture but with much feeling. And if I tell you the hot scenes, I think you will want to get some fresh air, lol.
I can assure you that I was not expecting the progress that this story took, because what looked like a simple story without major changes it became a story full of intrigue, jealousy but with much romance and friendship to the mixture.
Now let’s start reading the next book “Restless” and see what it has form me …
I rated this book with 4.5 bookworm stars


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