Welcome to Neverland by Jaye Cox

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Welcome to Neverland by Jaye Cox

New Adult Romance

I give this book 4 stars!

Let’s get back to the University


I am always available to meet new authors, new books, and when I had the chance to meet the author Jaye Cox I did not hesitate.
“Welcome to Neverland” is a beautiful history that takes place mainly in the university environment and with a lot of hormones to the mixture.
Jaye Cox has a simple way to tell her story, easy to understand and follow, and that makes a very pleasant reading.
Wednesday or Dee is a freshman at Neverland University, who moved to this particular school because of her brothers. Dee is a beautiful and cheerful girl but with a lot of sadness in her heart mainly due to the death of her brother but also because of a childhood marked by the negligence of her parents. Life on campus is not easy, she will struggle with some obstacles but it’s her determination that makes all the difference.
Dee is attracted by two boys and what happens during the course of this book will leave you flabbergasted.
Pace is the popular guy, the eternal Festival Goer and football player. He wants to live life one day at a time, have fun and never fall in love, because for him love is a very bad thing. He is only interested in one-night stands. Pace has a good reason to be so, he was very hurt in the past and so does not believe in “happily ever after”. When he knows Wednesday something changes, but he won’t admit it. For him, they are just good friends and nothing more.
Can we follow the dreams of others and bring the ordeal and care of those we love the most? Can a person love in secret only because they want to preserve the friendship that unites them? How far can go the vengeance of a person? Are there family ties strong enough to unite us so that we are all happy?
This is a very beautiful story, with some ups and downs, sad and happy moments. One thing I will say, nothing is what it seems, because in one moment you are reading the story and thinking that this is all very normal when you are struck by an unexpected course. Get ready.
Jaye Cox I want more! I want more books about these two because there were many unanswered questions. Do I have to wait long? I really hope not.
I rated this book with 4 bookworm stars


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