Hellraiser: A Review

Before we get started, you’re probably thinking about the  movie Hellraiser from a few years back. NOT IT. This is an MC Romance, but it is pretty dark.

**If you don’t like graphic violence or depiction of intense scenes, this may not be the story for you. This is not to say it’s BAD, but rather if you have memories which these graphic depiction could trigger, you might want to skip this novel.**

Hellraiser Ebook CoverSo, a bit about the story itself:


They say there are defining points in your life – moments where you f**ked it all up, moments that make you its bitch, moments that shape you into the person you are.
The day I met Braxton Ward was one of my moments.
My name’s Melissa Hart, and I don’t think you’re ready for this story.

I go by a few names: Hella, Brax, 112, or, depending on whether I’ve been balls deep in you or not, C*nt. I don’t push the boundaries because in order to do so, one must have them. I’ve never had them. Being homeless at the not-so-tender age of fifteen morphed me into an emotionless shell, and when The Army recruited me, that shell turned into steel.
They say if fire is hot enough, it can melt steel; the hate that burns between Melissa Hart and me just might be hot enough.

Shit doesn’t come easy for us. Enemies are expanded, secrets are revealed, and lives will be taken. Yeah, I’m Braxton “Hella” Ward, and you bet your f*cking ass that you ain’t ready for this story.

Jazmyne's ReviewSo I turned around. I’ve been copping shit for it ever since, too. The brothers think they’re funny. We’ll see who’s laughing when a girl shows up in their life and they spend every night with their hands wrapped around their shaft with that girl’s– and only that girl’s– eyes in their thoughts.

Hella, originally named Braxton, has survived a life not many would have. After being recruited (read, kidnapped) by The Army as a teenager, he has been involved in many horrible events. Trained as a killer, Hella is deadly. He lives his life now as a member of the same MC as Beast, who also escaped from The Army, and spends his evening entertained by any willing female.

Melissa is a woman who doesn’t let any man get close. Using men as only a release, she protects herself from being ruled or taken advantage of by anyone. A talented baker, she owns a store where she sells all of her masterpieces. Being best friend to Meadow & Phoebe, Melissa found herself in the middle of some chaos and confined to the MC grounds. While there she … meets Hella, where a distaste begins to take simmer.

Through this book, we learn much more about Hella’s past and The Army. The past of all the characters is so entertained, it’s amazing that they’ve made it this far without their pasts interfering. There were so many things this book did well!

  • The sense of real danger and violence. Why is this a good thing? The events were so real. They weren’t pretty or watered down–the details were all included with clarity. There were even times I had to look away because the details were so vivid. That’s okay. It made the events grab hold of my heart and create a necessary terror needed to fit the climate of the story.
  • Stubbornness of the characters. The pasts of these characters had no choice but to influence their current choices. Their actions were direct reflections of what they were trying to avoid, and even though most often it seemed obnoxious or unnecessary, it wasn’t to them.
  • Interconnected histories. These characters not only have similar tragedies in their past, they’re also so entwined. It’s always interesting when you find someone who has a connection to your past and they help to shed light on what you didn’t understand.
  • Love. Beyond all the action, suspense, violence, and tragedy there was always the underlay of love happening. It wasn’t hearts and flowers, candies & chocolates kind of love. It was real, sometimes ugly, often mixed with dislike. Why would love like that be enjoyable? How often do we, in our search for love, find that it isn’t always a straight path down a gold-paved road? It’s laced with misunderstandings, good intentions (but lack of actions), mistakes, and hurt. When love lasts, it goes past all of those negatives, in order to become a relationship that endures.

A great read if you like MC romances, mystery, and complexity.

4 star doodle.png

BE CAREFUL, though. This book is explicit in violence and its depiction of some events which may trigger negative memories for some people.

Available June 20 !

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This is the second book in the Devil’s Own series.
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