Drawn to a Cowboy by Fifi Flowers

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Drawn to a Cowboy by Fifi Flowers

Steamy Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Do you want to know a sexy as hell cowboy? What are you waiting for. Grab Drawn to a Cowboy from Fifi Flowers and get ready for an amazing journey


Fifi Flowers you treat me so well, because every book I read from you is another opportunity to immerse myself in these depths sea that is love.
“Drawn to a Cowboy” is another book of this great author I had the opportunity to read and review and I loved every page. Just looking at the cover I was captivated, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to see a beautiful pecs and abs? And don’t get me talking about that wonderful V!!! Just reading the first few pages I could see that it would embark on a super fun story.
The writing of this book is very similar to what Fifi Flowers accustomed us, she still has a lot of attention to detail, to the smallest detail what makes us experience and better understand the story.
This is the story of Jade and Sage, she an artist on the rise and he the real cowboy.
Jade longs for a fresh start, away from the routine and to do what she love, so she embarks on a trip to a resort which would expose her art, but when she gets there doesn’t find what she was hopping for and sees herself helpless, homeless and with a little money. In the midst of her despair and rage she meets a charismatic and sexy as hell cowboy who makes her an offer she cannot refuse. Will she accept? Starting her dream with the perfect stranger?
Sage is the real cowboy with hat, boots and all, but above all is a true gentleman that by an impulse makes a proposal to Jade. Something in her intrigues him and so he feels the need to be at her side and get know her better.
Their points view are hilarious and the attraction they feel for each other is palpable.
How can we trust and open our hearts again to love? Can we break down the walls we erect for so long around our heart? Why is it that we only realize that we want a person when he/she is no longer on our side?

I can guarantee that you will love this story. “Drawn to a Cowboy” is a very entertaining story, with much feeling to the mixture and some spicy scenes too, I mean really spicy. I’m eager to read the next book in this series, I am very curious to know the story behind “Spencer”.
I rated this book with 5 bookworm stars



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