Rock the City (Midnight Fate) (Volume 2) By Gia Riley

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Rock the City (Midnight Fate) (Volume2) by Gia Riley

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Do you want to dream with sexy musicians, second chances and love stories? Grab your copy of this amazing book and prepare yourself to dream. Gia Riley thank you so much for this series


Is there a better way than to start reading a book and get addicted after reading only the prologue? With this beginning this book promises.
“Rock the City” is the second book of the series “The Midnight Fate Novel” and I have been waiting for so long that the expectation was very high because after reading “Rock the Boat” I was afraid that this book could not take a special place in my heart but I was so wrong, this story will leave you breathless.
Gia Riley has a simple and appealing way to write, the chapters are not too long and because the book toggle between two point of views from the main characters of this plot makes reading enjoyable and pleasurable.
This is the story of Lane and Noelle. Lane is the drummer of the band Midnight Fate, band that we get to know on the first book in this series. Lane is charismatic, carefree and obsessed with Noelle. He had a tragic childhood and his adolescence was also not a bed of roses, adolescence that he wants to forget because it hurts too much to remember and that is why he chooses not to talk about it.
Noelle is a hopeless romantic, a successful entrepreneur and her best friend is Lark, who is married to Easton, the lead singer of the band. Thanks to her, Lark and Easton met up and she longs to be able to live a fairy tale like them, despite the reservations that she can feel, because let’s be honest, who would not want to find their prince charming.
Will they be able to overcome these obstacles and be happy? Overcome their insecurities and uncertainties and surrender completely to love, a relationship the two?
This book gripped me from page one. The feeling, love, loss, family and happiness is in great emphasis in this book. There were parts that I laugh a lot, because the interaction between the cast was hilarious, but there were also parts where I wept and thrilled me. In contrast there were other parts where I needed to go take a very cold shower because the hot scenes were many and very intense, as we all like to read.
Overall this book is a wonderful story of love, acceptance, forgiveness and achievement. We all go through hard times in life, but how we deal with these setbacks is what defines us and all deserve a second chance in life.
I recommend “Rock the Boat” and “Rock the City” to all fans of music, love and happiness.
I give this book 5 bookworm stars…/…/1533257493/ref


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