Restless (Relentless Series Book 2) by Alyson Reynolds

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Restless (Relentless Series Book 2) By Alyson Reynolds

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 4 stars!

If you are a beliver of true love then you all should read this book. Alyson Reynolds I loved it.


Let’s start another journey, another adventure, another wave of feelings that I know I will be reached, because if this book is like the first one it will promise …
It was with this thought when I started reading “Restless”, the second book in the” Relentless series” by Alyson Reynolds.
Anyone who has read Relentless knows that much was left to say, including the story involving Taylor and Stephen.
Alyson continues with a very nice and simple writing what makes us glued to the story, word by word.
Taylor is a young and carefree girl, with targets set for her life but she’s too afraid to relate and deliver herself to someone. What she wants is friends with benefits and one-night stands, because of her traumatic and abusive past is the only way she knows. When a relationship begins to develop, to get deeper she just runs away. Stephen is a famous actor. The best friend of Violet, the eldest sister of Taylor and he is in love with Taylor for quite some time and what frustrates him is that he cannot make Taylor admit her feelings for him. Can she overcome the traumas of the past?
The level of emotion and feeling of this book is very high, which makes us think the purpose of our lives. Is love so important? We should try to overcome our fears and look forward to happiness?
Restless is a roller coaster of emotions, some good and some not so good, but in the end can everything be solved? There were chapters in which I questioned why is this happening.
Alyson Reynolds I am addicted to your writing, the level of feeling that you evolve your stories is amazing, so I’m going to ask you for more books. More books to keep me awake until late at night and without no desire to go to sleep.
I rated this book with 4 bookworm stars.…/…/ref


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