Why we don’t die in Dreams by Debbie Zello

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Why we don’t die in Dreams by Debbie Zello

Erotic Thriller

I give this book 5 stars!

Are you ready for some Mystery and Suspense? Because you need to get ready for what Deborra Zello had writen for us.


How about start reading a book in which the main character is a sexy as hell detective? Of course I’m the first in line. Only the mysterious and suspenseful beginning and both made me want to read without stopping.
“Why we do not die in Dreams” is a book from Debbie Zello that suspense lovers should read. Crime, suspense and the unknown are in great prominence in this book.
Debbie Zello has a complex writing, which due to the theme of this book fits completely. This is not an easy subject to write, is something that nobody wants to happen, but unfortunately may be just around the corner.
The whole book is very well written; the scenes are very well described and that makes us experience the scenes so much better.
In the midst of so much tragedy can be place for love? Will there be place for comedy? I found myself laughing at some scenes and terror in others. And let’s not forget the hot scenes, of course.
Gavin McLean is a homicide detective who loves his profession. He is involved in the murder of a young woman. He is haunted by a recurring nightmare that by mystery becomes reality. A lot happens and one thing I assure you, nothing is what it seems.
When this book was over I wondered to myself what the hell had happened, would I had read well? There have to be some missing pages?
I am extremely looking forward to the next book because I did not want that this story to ended like that. I wonder what will happen next, because being in this ignorance is a huge torture.
Debbie Zello you undoubtedly are the master of the art of suspense because you managed to leave me dumbfounded with what happened.
I rated this book with 5 Bookworm stars.


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