Review: “Titans” by Victoria Scott

“Tonight, the Titans will run.”

A Red Raven Reads Review of “Titans” by Victoria Scott



Welcome to Detroit, Motown, The Motor City, an American crime capital— and home to the “Titans” protagonist, Astrid Sullivan. Astrid is a teenage mathematical genius— numbers are everything she sees and feels. The only part of her world more omnipresent than math is her obsession with the Titans: mechanical racehorses with steel bodies, red eyes, and all of the badassery you’ve ever wanted and more. The story initially follows a predictable path. The book is called “Titans” after all; she’s probably gonna ride one of those things, right? But this is more than just a book. This is a journey, a lifetime, a tear-jerking, heartfelt STORY that brims with life and gleams with purpose.


I’m starting with the bad first, because there’s really not much I can say here. I didn’t like Astrid at first— she felt a little too brash. Much of the story followed an obvious plot line that you could’ve guessed from the beginning. But I think my least favorite part, the heinous, unforgivable crime this book committed, was that it had to end.


This book is beautiful. Everything about it. The beats of racing hooves will pulse against your fingers, the smell of smoke and oil and barn dust will fill your nostrils, you will taste sorrow and anguish and victory and love. You will cry. I’m surprised that I only cried for 20 minutes and not days. It was that touching.

Astrid is now easily one of my favorite characters of all time, and this book is now easily one of my favorite books of all time. The characters are vivid, honest to reality, relatable, dynamic, and extraordinary. The pacing alternates between strong and thrusting, and heartbreakingly soft— every emotion placed with incredible precision. The structure is perfect. The imagery is breathtaking. And the ending! The ending left me speechless.

There’s so much emotion— the raw slap of reality that makes a book really special. It was almost cinematic in its presentation and scope, and honestly, this would make a phenomenal movie adaptation.

I think even further, it’s beyond refreshing to read a young adult novel with a female protagonist that doesn’t involve romance. This book, more than anything, is about loyalty, family, and friendship. It’s exactly the kind of book the young adult industry needs right now. It’s the kind of book everyone needs.


This book is a treasure, a gift, and in my humble opinion, a masterpiece of young adult literature that demands and deserves recognition. After the first 20 pages you will be hooked. You will not want to leave this world, these people, or the Titans behind. The story will follow you everywhere. Everything will remind you of Astrid and the cast of characters she meets throughout the book. There’s no escaping a story as powerful as this one and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


My oath is to be objective, and even with that in mind, this book deserves 5 out of 5 stars. Just get it right now. Get off of your couch or bed or toilet (hey, I read book reviews on the pot, this is a judge-free zone), or wherever you are, and go get this book. You won’t regret it. Just don’t start too early in the day or you’ll have to be careful not to devour it all in one sitting whilst ignoring all of your family and friends, only to proceed to ugly-cry in front of them.

Victoria Scott: thank you for this book. I salute you.


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