Forsaking All Others: A Review

When we left David & Beth at the end of From This Day Forward, they had both been battered by the events of their past. Each of them had made serious errors within their relationship and faced a future severely altered by the consequences.

I ended From This Day Forward with a pretty strong dislike for Beth, David, and Jess. These people were supposed to care for one another and it seemed like none of them adhered. I entered into Forsaking All Others with the hope (and to be honest, a lot of cynicism) that some part of this situation would be redeemable.

**Forsaking All Others is the conclusion to From This Day Forward. Here is a little about the book, just to begin.**

Forsaking all others

How do you come back when everything has been destroyed?

While Elizabeth works to fully regain her memory, she must also work through the pain of betrayal. Meanwhile, David isn’t going down without a fight and will do whatever it takes to win the love of his life back.

This is the conclusion to From This Day Forward. This is not a stand alone.

Caution: This story contains disturbing situations, graphic violence, sex, and strong language. That being said, it does have a happily ever after.

“I close my eyes and move my mouth over his. For a man whose hands are callused and rough from years of hard labor, his lips are surprisingly soft. The sparks are off the charts and I worry that they’ll light a fuse, causing me to self-destruct. I ignore my doubts and instead turn reason over to my mouth, exploring the man I pledged to love until death.”


My Review 2

Beginning the story, I do have to say the mistakes were well spread and the consequences numerous.

That said, each of the characters were facing those consequences and dealing with them. Within these mistakes, it helped the characters to really understand themselves and their expectations in life.

  • Were their choices right?

  • Am I still upset at them for hurting people they proclaimed to love?

This story gives the characters a chance to really explore their mistakes. They’re now living in the consequences and having to sift through them in order to come out on the other side. Everyone is hurt. Everyone has changed. This is real, to me, and a great representation of how choices can affect every aspect of our own lives, and those close to us.

I can’t give away all the details, but let’s just say it broke my heart, had me in tears, and then put me back together. If I’m being honest, I wasn’t all the way on board at first, but about halfway through I was in. Such a beautiful story about love, choices, life, mistakes, consequences, and finding your way back from the edge of the abyss.

“For better. For worse.
That’s the funny thing. We’ve had both.
I’d still choose him every time.
It might not be your typical fairy tale, but it’s mine. It’s real. It’s raw–it’s the most beautiful kind of love. The kind that can come back from infidelity. The kind of love that can withstand the emotional and physical trauma of the last eighteen months. The kind of love that will fight and even kill if necessary.
We aren’t promised a ‘happily ever after,’ but I will keep choosing him–everyday. Isn’t that the point of all this?
To find the person for whom your soul whispers, ‘This is the one.’
And while it may not always be happy, we will live for each other forever after. And that’s enough for me.

4 star doodle


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