Knot: A Review

This is my first book by this author and I found that I LOVE her writing! Now, this story and I didn’t particularly connect, but that’s not to say the story isn’t good. It is. But as for me, I couldn’t get on level with the characters.

Before I explain that fully, here’s the book:

He knKnot FOR WEB.jpgows everything.
She has all the damn answers.

I’ve always been a free spirit. It’s my nature.
I crave control, but with her it’s far more.

He’s a power hungry climber.
Her wealth could buy and sell me.

It’s too much pressure being the center of anyone’s focus.
She underestimates my desire for her, my need to please just her.

When he’s vulnerable, it’s hard to deny him.
Her crooked smile cripples me.

He hides his demons, but I’m no fool.
She thinks not committing to anyone makes her more honest. She’s wrong.

A man like him deserves someone who can offer that kind of love.
She promises nothing, yet I feel like a king when she says my name.

I never let anyone possess me like he did. Not before. Not after.
My greatest regret was compromising. I should have never held back.

Still, when we’re apart I’m not myself.
I miss the days when she was just down the hall.

He’s better off without me, and it hurts.
The ugly truth is I need her more than she needs me.

Our relationship was born out of lust and curiosity.
The lies we told ourselves killed it.

Together, we found Nirvana.
We learned it was all a mirage.

I ruined him.
I broke her heart.

I keep coming back.
I can’t let her go.


My Review 2


Nora and Reggie are absolute opposites. Even within moments of their meeting, each of them finds what they dislike in each other, but … there’s still something there.

  • I have to insert that I LOVE Reggie. He is in no way perfect, and is is awfully bossy, but even Nora has to admit that much of that comes from a place of caring. He does tend to always want his way, but you see his intentions change with his heart and THAT is what I love to see ❤

As their relationship begins to form, it’s hard to identify exactly what element is causing them to break. There’s so much NOT being said and so much being miscommunicated that it’s honestly hard to determine what side is up for them. They each have preconceived notions about what the other wants/need and what is expected in their “relationship.”

Going between the two points of view, and being able to see into their heads, I was quite aggravated with each of them. They’re not completely oblivious to each other’s struggles, but it’s like neither of them are willing to yield. I’m not sure I ever fully understood why they can have what’s between them and not TRY to change something and make it work.

After finishing the story, I’m still not entirely  clear about why their push and pull continued. I do understand that humans are flawed and probably make the same asinine disagreements ruin their relationships, but having actually read through their thoughts I think that confused me more, as my thinking didn’t line up with theirs.

Now is the part were I explain the  intro up there where I said it was a good story, but I didn’t connect. What causes me give a story a higher rating, is when I can find myself getting emotionally invested in the story — when I feel like I’m right there beside the characters in their world. In this story, that didn’t happen for me.

BUT, it was NOT because the story was poorly written or because I  felt something was missing.

I think most people will enjoy this story, but for me I just couldn’t connect as deeply as I had hoped I would. The characters are real & flawed, which is a quality that is often difficult to portray, but for me I couldn’t find that connection. But if you’re a fan of angst, struggle, and the idiocy that is the human race — this story is perfection!

3 star doodle

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