Stolen Memories by Alyson Reynolds

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Stolen Memories By Alyson Reynolds

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 4 stars!

Can friendship turn to love? Can you get your life on track after you lost the memories from the past month? Wanna find out?
Stolen Memories is the latest release from Alyson Reynolds that you all should read.


Alyson Reynolds another fantastic story my dear, you’re amazing and unstoppable. “Stolen Memories” is another book to add to my amazing list of successes written by this wonderful author.
This book is exciting but the fear and the unknown lurk between every page you read. The whole book is told from the point of view of Megan. Megan is a girl who ran away on her wedding day because she hated the guy she was about to married and because she didn’t wanted to be treated like a business trade. Business that was transacted by her own father, who ought to protect and love her unconditionally. So she calls her best friend to resue her from this nightmare.
Can friendship turn to love? Can you find hapiness when you think that you can’t? Will everything turn out in a good way?
“Stolen Memories” have agonized parts, a lot of tragedy, betrayal and violence but also has a lot of love and friendship to the mixture. When everything looked like a bed of roses, that this story would unfold without too many mishaps and behold Alyson had another idea making the story much more intense. And my God the hot scenes are described in detail. I loved every chapter, every sentence, every word, I just love a book that captivates from the first page.
Alyson Reynolds thank you for another beautiful and captivating story and I must say that I devoured this book in one day, and i want more, i want more books from you love.


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