Precious Jade by Lilly Black

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Precious Jade By Lilly Black


I give this book 5 stars!

It’s no secret that i love this genre of book, but i tell it again. I loved this book.
How about a hot a spicy story, with romance an a litle mystery and suspense? Are you up for it?
Precious Jade from Lilly Black is out now. Go get your copy


Before I started reading this book the first thing that came to mind was: Did Lilly Black redeemed herself? Did she wrote what I wanted? I hope so.
Precious Jade is the third book in the series from the fantastic Lilly Black. I loved the other two books in this series, although it was a little angry with the author because of the end of the book 2. Anyone who has read this series know what I mean, who haven’t I seriously advise you to start as soon as possible.
Lilly Black is the master of suspense and eroticism of this books will overcome every book she publishes. Her writing is simple, appealing and with so much attention to detail. One thing I can assure you, after reading these books I had some kinky ideas, if you know what I mean, lol.
Precious Jade continues to be counted by the Evan’s point of view, she’s a beautiful woman, very passionate for Cain but very insecure. This uncertainty is due to her abusive and neglectful past.
The love story between Cain and Evan was brutally interrupted because of a situation that changed the whole plot but in the course of this book will Lilly retrace their stories? Now the question that remains is, will the new development be for good or for bad.
I cannot tell much, because I hate spoilers but one thing I can assure you all, you need to read this series because you will love it. This series is for fans of romance, eroticism, suspense and some crime to the mixture.
Now here I leave a little note to my dear Lilly Black:
Lilly seriously? What have you done? Will you make me wait too long for the next book? It’s just that I almost lost my mind waiting for the third book and don’t know what will happen to me if I have to wait too long for the next one. You treat me so bad but I love you anyway. LOL
I rated this book with 5 bookworm stars


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