Eminent Love by Leddy Harper

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Eminent Love By Leddy Harper


I give this book 5 stars!

How can a book put so much emotion in me? How was it possible for me to read and cry at the same time? Have you already experience this?
Eminent Love is the latest release from Leddy Harper and you all should read it. One simple advice? Have a tissue box near you, because you will need it.

Eminen love_smash

A new book, a new challenge, a new way to dream. It is always good to meet new authors, because each of them can enrich my mind and make me dream.
“Eminent Love” by Leddy Harper is a beautiful love story, inspired by a true story and so reading was so much more intense. This book explores the love story of Creed and Layne. This story is narrated by Creed and His speech alternate between Then and Now.
When Creed meets Layne something in him changes, something he never had felt before. One thing is for sure he don’t want to lose her, he wanted to chase happily ever after with her. All goes well until one day they had a huge fight and something happens.
Why do we have wrong attitudes when we are angry? Why is it that we only realize that we were wrong when we lose the person we love?
Love at first sight exists, I know pretty well what I’m talking about because I went through it and continue with the same love at almost 18 years and this book speaks of this. When we look at the right person in the eyes we just know it will be our other half, the one that will make us happy.
Leddy Harper has a simple speech and with so much attention to detail and the meaning behind each word, the way she tells this story is breathtaking and heartfelt. Through her speech we can dream and feel what is going on in the hearts of the characters at that exact moment.
“Eminent Love” portrays forgiveness, love, struggle, but focuses on grief and sorrow as well. In life nothing is guaranteed and so we must live intensely each day as if it were the last one without ever looking back.
When we think that everything will be okay, something happens that will shake the whole plot. I can guarantee that while reading I sent a few messages to my dear Leddy Harper because I was so angry with her, but I cannot tell you why. I recommend “Eminent Love” to all romantics around the world but I leave you with a warning:
This book is not suitable for extremely sensitive people because the level of feeling and emotion of this work is very, very, very high. On second thought, I think you all should read, read to be able to see what life really is.
Leddy you know that I love you so you are forgiven, but even so, to redeem yourself go write more books for me to read and dream.
I rated this book with 5 amazing bookworm stars.




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