Carter (The Harlow Brothers Book 1) by Brie Paisley

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Carter (The Harlow Brothers Book1)

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

I’m seriously in love with this book and i only can advise you all to read it. From best friends to lovers is a smal step but when our world is turn upside down sometimes we runaway. Can we get it back?
“Carter (The Harlow Brothers Book 1)” by Brie Paisley Author is out now so you can’t miss it. Read, Live, Dream, it’s up to you.


When I start to read a new book so many thoughts goes through my head. Will I like it? Will I be addicted only from reading the first chapter? Will I vibrate and dream about this story?
Brie Paisley is a new author to me and when the opportunity arose to meet one of her works I did not hesitate. From only the prologue I knew I would live a roller coaster of feelings and emotions.
“Carter” is the first book of “The Harlow Brothers Series”.
This book is told by Shelby and Carter. Shelby is a lost soul. She was betrayed and deceived by those she trusted and is forced to flee, leaving everything behind and start a new life away from the cheating ex-husband and from all and everyone that hurt her. The fact that she had a childhood marked by her mother’s abandonment and by her father’s negligence made her an insecure person and with some serious trust issues. All she wants is to return to her hometown, even if she had sworn, thirteen years ago, that she would never come back, but she believes this city is the only place that she can find happiness again.
Carter is the older brother of five. He’s the one that is always there, ready to help when and where you need him. There is in him something pure and kind. For 13 years he suffered the absence of his best friend Shelby and blamed himself for her departure. They were lovers in high school, but something happened that separated them and from that day he never saw her again.
Can a love so strong cease to exist? Can they meet again and delete all these years of absence, hurt and pain?
This book had much impact on my way of seeing things, only came to show that there are no obstacles in life that we cannot overcome, no matter how bad they may seem there is always a turn to give.
The family, love, friendship and complicity are in great prominence in this book, but the betrayal, hate, psychological torture are also present.
Brie has a way of writing that appeals to the best we have but can also awaken the bad emotions as well. If you do not believe me, go grab your copy and start reading, then we can speak. And the hot scenes, you ask? Of course there is and you will be hot, very very hot …
I’m in love with this book and cannot wait to learn more about The Harlow Brothers.
I rated this book with 5 bookworm stars


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