Book Review: Chasing Power

ChasingPower-CPhillips-FINAL (1)

For Keiran Saysin, protecting the fairy population from humans is more than a job. It is passion and his duty to the realm.

Since Eero’s revolution failed—and the discovery of fairy power lying dormant in some of the human population, that job hasn’t been easy. Now that his sister and her husband are welcoming a set of twins, old enemies have come out of hiding, hoping the children will a serve as a key to reclaiming what has been stripped from them.

Enter Annie Valentine, the genetic researcher Daniel’s mother has employed. Keiran knows the smart thing to do is cast a spell and push the human away, but something about the way she stands toe to toe and eye to eye has him forgetting that getting involved with a human could cost him everything he values, including his power.


This is the third book in a series revolving around not only the human world, but the world Jazmyne Reviewof fairies. These fairies are not the Tinkerbell type fairies, but rather magical creatures with many abilities. Kieran has been protecting not only the fairy world, but his family, for many years. At the open of the story, Kieran is faced with the task of protecting his family, but also keeping himself in the position to protect his people.

I love the storyline of this book. Fantasy stories have always been intriguing to me, and I

love stories about fairies when represented as more than a tiny being with some “magic” dust.
The history of the fairy world in this story is complex and intertwines into the human world, causing many humans to be involved. The main characters are not just fairies, but also humans that have become integral to understanding the what’s happening in both of the worlds.

As the story continues, so much is happening. I don’t want to give away anything, but there were many times during the story I was surprised: who was behind something, an unknown ally (or enemy), a turn in events, and even some outcomes. Having not read the two previous books in the series, I’m not certain if I missed out on some information or relationships, but to read this story as a standalone made sense. I’m interested to know if the previous books’ plotlines held ground with this one, or if they are all independent stories.

There were some things I didn’t care for. The relationship between Annie & Kieran was awkward for me. I understood some of their struggles, but throughout the story it just seemed that in their interactions, I couldn’t get in sync with them. I didn’t have too much of an issue with the story, except I felt as though I was missing some information. Not sure if this is a result of not meeting the characters in the previous books, or just me missing out on some details. The issues I had with the story at times caused me to lose sight of the story and I felt as though I could have experienced the story more fully without those distractions.

Interesting story.3 star doodle


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