The Braille Club Unbound By J.A. Kerr

A Bookworm Review by Ana

The Braille Club Unbound Book 2

Erotic Romance

I give this book 5 stars!


What would you do if you couldn’t see? I mean if you could’t see the one who was caressing you and you could only feel his/her touch? Would you enjoyed it?
The Braille Club Undone is the second book from The Braille Series from J.A. Kerr.( J A Kerr Author of The Braille Club Series ) and like the first one is breathtaking.


If I was hallucinating by the way “The Braille Club”, the first book in this series ended, I can’t tell you what crossed my mind when I started reading “The Braille Club Unbound”. I was so nervous just for how this book began that I cannot find the right words to describe it. What will happen next?
“The Braille Club Unbound” focuses on the stories of Sienna, Benedict and Nick, but also lets us know the story of Guy, Anna, Matt, Niven, Ford and Esme. The love story between Sienna and Benedict will be taken by assault.
As I had said in my previous review, Guy is Benedict and Sienna’s right arm, and we will figure more about his past. He has a past that binds him to Anna, and I can say that the scenes between them are hot as hell.
Anna is a renowned lawyer, she’s a determined woman who always get what she wants. When she meet Guy she knows that something inside her rekindles but when her marriage is endangered something change.
Niven is an extremely beautiful girl, a well-known model and beloved by the public. She feels observed and that makes her uneasy. Her childhood was marked by abandonment, neglect and tragedy and all this made her very insecure.
Matt is Benedict’s best friend and his partner in his architecture business. He continues with his natural joy and love bugging Benedict, in a positive way of course.
Ford is an engineer hired to improve and create the technology needed to manage “The Braille Club”. He’s a loner who likes to be left alone in his little world.
Esme is Ford’s friend from college days. She’s elusive and funny and she’s also an engineer and the passion she has for her profession leads her to always want more, to want to overcome everything and everyone.
This book continues to alternate between the past and the present. J.A. Kerr has, as I had said before, a simple, appealing and addictive writing. The suspense she manage to transpire for this book is something indescribable. I felt literally glued to my Kindle, I didn’t wanted to be bothered because I wanted to read more and more. Things were happening at a breakneck pace that made my anxiety levels go up sharply. The unknown and the uncertain were the fuse that caused all this explosion of feelings, fears and concerns. The events, wars, follies are emerging one after another, my god it tortured me. And the hot scenes? The hot scenes were beautiful, very torrid and intense. I had to start reading the third book of this series “The Braille Club Undone” because I wanted to know what would happen to the main characters of this plot.
I rated this book with 5 bookworm stars


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