Emely’s Destiny (An Erotic Vampire Novella Book 2) by Ariel Marie

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Emely’s Destiny (An Erotic Vampire Novella Book 2)

Paranormal Erotica

I give this book 4 stars!

Do you want a hot as hell book? WIth vampires and all that dark stuff? Emely’s Destiny is the second book from Ariel Marie that i’ve read and oh boy… This book will be released on Aug 20th.
Read and see for yourself what i’m talking about.


It’s true I was converted to the dark side, lol.
As I told you in my previous review, Ariel Marie managed to captivate me, She made me like the paranormal and so when I started reading this book my state of mind was totally different.
Emely’s Destiny tells the story of Emely and Norrix. Like the first book, the attraction between these characters was instantaneous and intense.
Emely is a vampire that was captured by the group that wants to decimate the vampires. She’s been held captive for two years and she has been subjected to the most painful tests. She did not want to lose the hope of being saved, but over time the desperation begins to burn into her mind. Until she had the vision of a Greek God, lol. But can Emely escape? Be really happy?
Norrix is the head of the king’s guard. They are best friends from childhood and are willing to do anything to protect themselves. In a rescue operation to vampires who are in captivity, he saves Emely and something in him begins to change. Is attraction, lust or anything else? Will he believe in the King and Queen when they say that everyone has his soul mate?
God, the hot scenes are breathtaking, as are described in a way that will leave you with promiscuous thoughts, if you know what I mean …
I would love for this book to have more pages to read because i didn’t mind to read more.
I know I’ll still have to wait for the next book in this series, which saddens me a little, but I know it will be worth the wait.



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