Sacred Serenity (Lotus House Book 2) by Audrey Carlan

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Sacred Serenity ( Lotus House Book 2)

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Bookworms this book you shoul add to your TBR and red it as soon as it’s out. Sacred Serenity is the next book Audrey Carlan will release on Aug 30th and this story is breathtaking.


Finally the book I longed for some time came to my hands. I was so anxious and curious that I started to read as soon as it hit my Kindle. Audrey Carlan managed to captivate me from the first book I’ve read because her writing is simple, very detailed and inviting.
From the first chapter I was hooked in such a way that I could not stop reading. When I had finished a chapter I wanted to just start reading the next one because I wanted more and more.
“Sacred Serenity” is the second book from “The Lotus House Series” and like the first book in this series it blew my mind. An advice from a true fan, if you haven’t read Resisting Roots (the first book of this series) you need to. They are standalones but the characters are present in both books.
This book tells the story of Amber and Dash. Amber is a simple, joyful and determined woman. She’s fully focused on becoming a doctor because she wants to make a difference in the world. For her, true love is very important as well as give themselves body and soul to our one and true love. She is attracted to Dash but is too shy to admit it.
Dash is a yoga teacher, specifically in the art of tantric sex. From the first time he saw Amber something in him changed. He was intrigued by her simplicity and the way she sees life. He wants her but will he be able to overcome the stigma of being a womanizer?
One thing is certain, and I want all of you to have this very present in your mind, this book is intense and overwhelming, so prepare to be caught by an avalanche of feelings.
Love is very present in this book and makes us think if we really have a soul mate, if true love really exists. And, my dear lord, the hot scenes are wonderful and will make you float in this sea of passion and desire, like our beloved Audrey Carlan so well accustomed us.
Audrey the way you express yourself in your books makes me fall in love more and more for your writing. The level of feeling that you place in your characters is something indescribably intense. I love the fact that this series wasn’t be boring, the common boy meets girl and that stuff lol, but it was very cheerful and fun but focused on what is really important.
Now let’s talk about really important things, lol. Audrey how long I have to wait for the third book in this series? I’ll have to agonize for long? Regardless of the waiting I know it will be a masterpiece.


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