Summer’s Destiny (An Erotic Vampire Novella Book 1) by Ariel Marie

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Summer’s Destiny (An Erotic Vampire Novella Book 1)

Paranormal Erotica

I give this book 4 stars!

This was a big surprise for me, i’m not a big fan of this genre but i as hooked. Prepare yourself because Summer’s Detiny from Ariel Marie is so good and hot as hell.


This is not a literary genre that I usually choose to read, because honestly I am not much given to the paranormal but when I saw erotic writing in the title I thought I’d risk it. Yes I know I’m a Kinky Girl and very proud of it …
Ariel Marie has a very specific way of writing because the way shedescribes every scene makes us enter soon in the context of the story. Her writing is simple and due to the theme of the book its very interesting.
“Summer’s Destiny” tells the story of Summer and Ryan. Summer is a vampire on the run who was rescued by an enigmatic man. She saw her village being burned down and all who she liked being killed by a group who have sworn to eradicate the vampires. She is a determined and self-confident woman.
Ryan is the leader of Valerian Clan that is hidden. He was forced into hiding after a barbaric attack that his clan suffered in which many vampires were decimated. When he sees Summer unconscious on his property an overwhelming feeling of protection surrounded him and he is forced to go to her and to save her.
The attraction they feel for each other is instantaneous. But what will happen? There will be a happy ending like in traditional fairy tales? Will the king back after 10 years of absence?
For paranormal lovers you should grab this book and for erotica lovers, Oh my God, get ready. In some scenes I just thought I would have to go take a very cold shower.
I want more. I want more pages to read, please because this story is so so good.
I was converted to the mysterious path, lol, just by the way Ariel Marie writes and I want to read more, so I will now start to read the second book in this series.


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