Where did your heart go? (The Heart Trilogy Book 1) by Audrina Lane

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Where did your heart go? ( The Heart Trilogy Book 1)

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Is there really the happily ever after? Is it possible to love someone so intensely that when we lose him our world seems to collapsed? Audrina Lane you simply blew my mind away. I loved every word of this amazing book and i think you will love it as well. I can’t wait to start reading the next two books of this series because i was left with to many questions without answers.


I am new in this world of book reviews, since I’m only doing this for almost 2 years and when I start a new review I get extremely nervous because I’m afraid to say the wrong thing and not be fair to the author.
“Where did your heart go” is a story with a very high emotional character. The level of feeling, loss and betrayal are very high but in return the love this book transpires can engage us in a wonderful cloak that transports us to heaven.
I did not know any books from Audrina Lane and I can say that it was a beautiful way to start knowing. Her writing is simple and inviting, full of feeling and love. The way she writes each scene takes us into the plot, into the life and feelings of the characters.
How beautiful and unforgettable first love is. The first time we give ourselves to someone, body and soul, is something that is etched in our memory, is indescribable and unforgettable when it’s done with the right person. But when we are deceived our world falls apart and we are not always able to lift ourselves up.
“Where did your heart go” explores the story of first love but also gives emphasis to betrayal and second chances.
Stephanie is a dedicated mother to her daughter and to her career as a radio DJ. Unfortunately life brought her some unpleasantness but also brought her so much joy. When she is faced with the suffering of her daughter caused by a love ache, she is forced to relive her past. She decides to give her teenage diary to her daughter because in her head, doing this will make her daughter realize that suffering sometimes strengthens us. So throughout this book alternates between the past and the present.
This story proved that life takes its course by strange ways and sometimes the past comes knocking at our door so we have two options, open the door and let the past go and maybe change its course or lock the door and forget everything. This story is inspiring, it shows us that love is forever, even if the paths are no longer entwined.
Now I want to read the other two books in this series, because I want to learn more about these characters.


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