Defying Fate (Fate Series Book 1) by Heidi Lis

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Defying Fate (Fate Series Book 1)

Romantic Suspense

I give this book 5 stars!

I’m one lucky girl. I’ve had the pleasure to meet this amazing author and her work is freaking amazing. Heidi Lis this series is so good. “Defying Fate” will grab your atention from the beginning, you’ll see.
Just by the way that this book started I realized that this would be a nice reading. The suspense on the first line glued me to my kindle and I could not stop reading.
Heidi Lis has a quite appealing, intense and simple writing. The way she ends each chapter makes you want to read the next one right away, because the way she leaves things open will literally make you go crazy without reading a few more lines.
“Defying Fate” tells the story of Izzabella. She is a woman who lives in constant fear. Her abusive and tragic past caused her to become an insecure and mistrustful woman. When all of those who were supposed to love and protect abandon us, we are hurt beyond reason and when they constantly tell us that we are worthless, we unfortunately tend to believe that that it’s true.
How can you start a new life when you live in constant fear? Can we be happy and love unconditionally when we were so hurt in the past?
The chemistry between Izzy and Braxton is palpable. The attraction between them is very intense and breathtaking. Their dialogues are very funny and I found myself laughing, delighted with everything that was going on. But as with any good story, we are also faced with quite sad moments.
Overall I loved it. I loved the comic factor and the feeling and love that this book set forth. The way the story unfolds is concise and very interesting. Of course the hot factor is very present and since this is me, lol, I loved every scene, and you will also love, oh trust me, you will!!!
Of course not everything was a bed of roses, because it is clear that in any good plot has to be someone very bad and mean, capable of the worst imaginable atrocities. The suspense was so intense that I feared for the lives of the characters. My god it was suffocating, it felt like it was me missing the air due to the fear that I felt while reading. There were many surprises, too craziness and love involved. And how should not be, the book had to end in a way that almost killed me. I’m so glad to have the second book “Sealing My Fate” because I think that I would not stand the waiting.

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