Exploited (The Dark Redemption Series) by Lane Hart

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Exploited (The Dark Redemption Series)

Romantic Suspense

I give this book 5 stars!

It’s the truth, i’m addicted. Lane Hart you caught me, what can i say. Exploited is the latest release from her and although i had loved it i’m mad, lol. Mad because i have to wait for the next book.
Bookworms grab your copy.


Oh My God Lane Hart the way you started this book!!!! Dayum Girl!!!!! You really know how to captivate your readers and I knew I would found an intense, captivating and suspenseful reading.
“Exploited” starts with a traumatic event that little Blair had witnessed. She watched her mother being brutally killed and you can feel her pain, the way she’s scared. No child should witness this traumatic scene.
This book explores the story of Blain, Brede and Aden, and this story is alternated throw their points of views.
Blair is an 18 year old girl, haunted by her tragic childhood. She lives constantly in fear of being caught and isolated from the world. She returns to her childhood home after 10 years away because she wants to recover her memories, she wants to remember the only person who ever loved her, her mother and then she intends to end her life because for her there is no purpose to continue to live.
“Brede” is a military man already discharged from military service. Service who trained well in the art of killing and survive. He’s a hired killer, he gets paid to kill mainly bad and cruel people. He only do this because he needs the money to save the couple who had saved him. Until one day he gets the call that will change his life. Will it be for the better or worse?
Aden is the mystery man that only have on purpose: Prove the author of a crime and with that save the person who was arrested unfairly and for that he has to get the help from Blair.
When the three of them know each other something about her awake them and they cannot remain indifferent to her innocence and beauty. A lot will happened that will leave you on edge.
This book is bathed in suspense and mystery. We have some hot scenes in the mix that will leave you flabbergasted, believe me.
Do you already know Lane Hart work? You don’t? What are you waiting for? Each book reveals the fantastic author she is, because we can see the story flow without becoming bored, quite the opposite, you will want to keep reading. The way she writes captivate you from the beginning and you can’t stop reading.
Now I am truly upset. Do you want to know why? The way this book ended had left me furious. So many questions that remain unanswered! So curious that left me hallucinating. Please, please, please I need book 2, asap because the unknown is killing me.


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