Book Review: Seal of Solomon

Seal of Solomon

Sequel to Homeward Bound (Journeyman #1)

With no answers and a weapon of mass destruction slung around his neck, Gage Crosse is left with little choice but to travel with Joey Mosely to New York, seeking aid from the Order Council itself. Little do they know that they are about to embark on what may be the greatest adventure of their lives: to find the mysterious Seal of Solomon.

Meanwhile, the fragile threads holding the demon army and its monstrous allies together are unraveling. Keli must act quickly to maintain her position as ruler, else have all their efforts fall into the flames of ruin.

Can the Journeymen keep the Seal of Solomon out of demon hands, or will the Noctis succeed in wrenching all three artifacts from their control?


SOS Teaser

Jazmyne ReviewUsually in a book review, I go into details about all the things I loved. Unfortunately if I did that for this book, I’d be giving away so many things.

If you read Homeward Bound, book #1 in the Journeyman series, then you’ll know about the main characters of Gage, Adrienne, and Joey. Homeward Bound got intense fast and we were thrown right into the center of a battle between good and evil. (I’m absolutely not exaggerating on the evil) And at the end, we were left with our hearts broken and future uncertain.

Seal of Solomon starts off in the same manner as Homeward Bound, thrusting us right into all of the action and emotion of the characters. One of the reasons I love reading this series is not only the story, but the way the story is presented. I mentioned this in the first book, but I am absolutely blown away by the way that each word seems so precisely chosen. I know that writing isn’t easy, and I’ve never expected perfection from any story I’ve read, but reading this story I always feel like Golden has taken the time to choose the right word to not only accurately describe the situation, but to also convey the appropriate mood as well. Each emotion was pulled out of me and into the experience the character was having.

This installment in the series definitely didn’t let me down in any area. Characters, action, intrigue, and suspense–I was on the edge of my seat. And I have to say that this novel seemed much more unique in its storyline. The first novel, as I was reading, reminded me of another series in many aspects, but I feel like this installment allowed the story to grow more unique.

I wish I could say more,  but I’m afraid if I do I’ll give too much away. But I HIGHLY recommend this story. If you haven’t read Homeward Bound, start there RIGHT NOW and get into this series!


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