New Release – Teach Me Like That (Love Me Like That #2) by Marie James

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Teach Me Like That (Love Me Like That #2)

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Happy release day Marie James.
Teach Me Like That is out now and what can i say? I freaking loved it. You will get caught in this story and you will not be able to stop reading once you started it. Trust me, I know…

Have a good look at the blurb:
Thirty-three, single, and loving life.
Construction worker by day and playboy by night. Kegan Cole has what many men can only dream about. A great job, incredible family, and more women fawning over him than he can count. What more could he ask for?

Lexi Carter spends her days teaching at a private school. Struggling to rebuild her life after tragedy nearly destroyed her, she doesn’t have the time or energy to invest in any arrangement that could lead to heartbreak. That includes the enigmatic Kegan Cole whose arrogance and sex appeal arrive long before he enters a room.
It doesn’t matter how witty, charming, and incredibly sexy he is. She plays games all day with her students and has no room in her life for games when it comes to men, and Kegan Cole has ‘love them and leave them’ written all over his handsome bearded face.
When Lexi doesn’t fall at his feet like every other woman before her, Kegan is forced off-script to pursue her because not convincing her to give in isn’t an option.

How can a man who hates lies be compatible with a woman who has more secrets than she can count?
Can a man set in his playboy ways become the man Lexi needs? More importantly, does he even want to?


I know I may sound repetitive because in some of my reviews I say this, but I believe that is the purest of truths. I could barely fit the happiness that I felt when I got this book to read.
Marie James is one of my favorite authors and each book I read makes me extremely happy and excited.
As I had stated earlier, Marie James writing is simple, intense and with much attention to detail and the feeling that she can evoke in us is overwhelming.
“Teach Me Like That” tells the stories of Lexi and Kegan and the entire book is toggled between their points of views.
Kegan is the eternal womanizer, loves to enjoy life each day with a different woman. He loves a night with no-strings-attached. For what possible reason should he be with just one woman when there are so many free women out there. He has a great relationship with his parents and idolizes his older brother.
Lexi is a kindergarten teacher who loves what she does. Suffered a lot in the past and so she has her heart kept under lock and key. Don’t want commitments, she just wants to live her life doing what she loves and be happy.
When they know each other, something in them changes but is that just an attraction? Or is it something more?
Can two lost souls be reunited? Are you able to love unconditionally again? Will they find their happily ever after?
This book is very intense and can appeal to our sentimental side. Of course, things don’t always run well because the unexpected is just around the corner but we have to face the problems head-on with his head held high.
The love, the passion are present as well as the treachery and evil.
Can I tell you a secret? I know I can so here it goes: The hot scenes are very explosive, intense and adventurous, and you will love them as much as I did.
Marie James I already told you this but I will scream to the seven winds because I want everyone to know that you are one of my favorite authors, your books make me dream and entertain the hell out of me, even though I sometimes get very upset with the way the stories sometimes take.
I want to thank you for the opportunity to read your work.


Redeemed (The Dark Redemption Series Book 2) by Lane Hart

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Redeemed (The Dark Redemption Series Book 2)

Romantic Suspense

I give this book 5 stars!

Happy release day Lane Hart.
Redeemed is out now and this is one series that you can´t miss.
You need to prepare yourself because you are about to enter on a rollercoaster of emotions.

Take a look ate the blurb:
WARNING: This is the SECOND book in the Dark Redemption series. Therefore, Exploited should be read first. Both books contain dark, dirty and dangerous situations.

~ Brede ~

For years I’ve left a path of death and destruction wherever I go, and now God’s punishing me.
Time’s running out for my fallen angel, but I’ll do whatever it takes to save her.
I made her a promise that I intend to keep.
Until my last breath.


I was so happy when I was able to put my hands to this book that I can’t describe what was happening in my head. I was so excited about it and my expectation level was so high because I wanted to know what had happened to the characters.
“Redeemed” is the second book from The Dark Redemption Series and in similarity with the first book, Exploited, the suspense and the unknown were very present throughout the plot.
What you need to keep in mind is that you should read “Exploited” first because this book is the completion of the entire plot and get ready because you’re going to get on a rollercoaster of emotions.
Once again the beginning of this book left me without words, primarily because of the way the previous book had ended. This book continues to switch between the points of views from Blair, Brede and Aden.
The story continues to unfold for the sake of revenge, justice but also of love. Each of these characters tries to find the course of their lives, forget the demons of the past that keeps tormenting them. And my god the hot scenes are quite intense, carnal and breathtaking. The suspense that involves the whole story will make you want to read more and more to try to find out quickly what’s going to happen next.
Lane Hart this series is fantastic, intense and breathtaking. I loved the fact that you strengthen that blood ties are very strong and important in our lives, everything is not always a bed of roses and we know that sometimes conflict can arise.
And now what’s your brilliant mind creating? Whatever it is, I will be eagerly waiting.


Hunter (Broken Bad Boys 1) by Skylar Heart

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Hunter (Broken Bad Boys 1)

New Adult Bad Boy Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Happy new release Skylar Heart.
Hunter is the latest book that I had the pleasure of reading and let me tell you that you are going for a ride.
This book is so intense and focus on a subject that we all should pay more attention.

Take a good look at the blurb:

I should have known he was trouble when I watched him drive his motorbike onto campus, leaving a trail of people whispering as he made his way into the Art Building.
Word around here is, he doesn’t date. So why do his eyes keep roving over me? Why does he want to talk to me?
Rumor has it, Hunter’s good at two things: making art, and getting into fights. I love art, but I can’t stand violence. I’ve been on the receiving end of it too many times.
My life is simple, it needs to be if I want to graduate and keep my eating disorder at bay… I sleep, I eat, I go to class and I definitely Do. Not. Date.

So why do I want him to hold me in his strong arms and cradle me to his broad chest?


She’s like a spooked little mouse. Not my type at all. Until she looked up at me and I was caught in her azure eyes.
But I won’t let her get close. In the last four years, I’ve lost everyone I’ve ever loved. I will never trust anyone ever again. The second I do, I’ll find myself alone again. So, what’s the use?
So I create big metal installations, I go to class when I feel like it, I drink and get into fights at the bar.
I have to stay away from Lizzy, because my darkness will only make hers worse. I know I have to, but that isn’t what my heart wants. When I see the pain in her eyes, I can’t resist her. I want to help her, touch her…
Own her.


When I got the chance to read Hunter I didn’t hesitate and I’m so happy that I didn’t because I freaking love it. From the moment I read the blurb I knew that it was going to be an intense reading.
Skylar Heart is a new author to me and I definitely want to keep reading her work. Her writing is complex but with so much feeling. She approached some serious issues that we or a loved one can be hit with it. But can we overcome it?
This book tells the story of Lizzy and Hunter and all book is told from their points of views.
Lizzy is a student who wants to graduate and be succeeded. She had a terrible past, with lots of pain and because of that she needs to achieve her goals on her own. She hates crowd places and really hates violence. She doesn’t trust anyone and don’t want a relationship but something about Hunter makes her heart beat fast.
Hunter is a biker, an artist and also a student in the same school the Lizzy. He had suffered terrible in the past, and continues to suffer, and because of that he can’t think of commitment mainly because he thinks that everyone that he loves will go away. He also doesn’t trust anybody and only wants to live his life free of drama, create art, graduate, drink and get in some fights. He’s a really bad boy. But something in the beautiful Lizzy attracts him something he can’t quite explain.
Can two lonely and broken hearts back into love? Can they find true love? The happily ever after? Will they be able to overcome all the obstacles that life has prepared?
The level of feeling in this book is very high and also boast the fact that this author have made us see and feel that family serves to support us, to help us in bad times but also to congratulate us in good times.
Is it healthy to put our life on hold for the sake of our family? Is it fair to put our future on hold because we need to take care of our loved ones?
In short I loved this book and I look forward to the next one because I have a lot of questions that need answers about other characters in this story, but I also want to continue to explore the lives of Lizzy and Hunter.



Fractured Beat (Meltdown) (Volume 1) by RB Hilliard

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Fractured Beat

Romantic Suspense

I give this book 5 stars!

Happy release day RB Hilliard.
Fractured Beat is the newest book from this amazing author and oh boy you will love it as much as i did.

Have a good look at the blurb:
When Grant Hardy, Meltdown’s lead singer, falls off the stage in the middle of a concert while under the influence, his record label has no choice but to step in and take control. The solution is simple. Send Grant to rehab and avoid a public relations nightmare by covering it up as a bad case of the flu. When the rehab facility’s recommendation for extended treatment starts to affect the label’s bottom line, they are forced to find an alternative solution – hire an in-house counselor for the duration of the tour. There’s just one problem. Grant Hardy isn’t an addict.


What do you think? I know i loved it. Here is my review

No one can imagine the state of anxiety in which I was before I read this book. Since RB Hilliard told me that she was going to write a new book I barely fit in myself.
Did you guys know this author? You don’t? What are you waiting for?
RB Hilliard has a simple writing, striking, captivating and with much attention to detail. The way she begins each of her books can hold us in a way that it is impossible not to love her works.
Fractured Beat tells the stories of Grant and Mallory and the entire book is toggled between their views.
Grant is the lead singer of the band and he loves what he does. He struggled in his junior years to follow his dream and because of his persistence and the help of his best friend they manage to create Meltdown. During the concert Grant passed out and was taken to the hospital. After being accused of something he didn’t do, he needs to realize who is trying to sabotage his career and sent him to rehab.
Mallory had an episode that marked deeply her life and this secret have corroded her inside, because keeping secrets is not always a good thing. She’s a therapist specialized in helping addicted to substances. She loves her work and when it is given the responsibility of rehabilitating the enigmatic Grant she has no idea the work she will have.
The way the whole story unfolds is amazing and captivating at the highest level. The suspense that involves certain chapters have managed to keep me totally hooked on reading and I didn’t want to stop because I wanted more and more. Love and second chances are featured in this plot and of course there has to be someone very evil and greedy capable of the greatest barbarities to get what he/she wants.
But now we go to what really matters … the hot scenes … oh my god the hot scenes …
RB Hilliard you’re just fantastic.
I was sad to finish the book because I wanted more, wanted more story.
I am truly hooked on your writing and desperately need more time to be able to read your other works.
Just one more question. RB Hilliard are you thinking of writing a few more books on the rest of the band? Because if you are count me in to read them as well. Love you


Book Review: Amore

 “It is not love that defines us, Julietta. It is love that destroys us.”

I’m just a normal girl.

Or so you would think.
I’ve never thought of myself as anything different.
Until I met him.
He doesn’t think I’m normal.
He thinks I’m special.
Special enough to be in his life.
Special enough to enter his world.
Special enough for his bed.
Rafael Lencioni. Dangerous. Beautiful. Terrifying.
My story is the one that’s never told.
I’m not the daughter.
I’m not the wife.
I’m not a sister or a mother.
I’m not his enemy and I’m not his friend.
I’m not who you think I am.
So for me to fit into their world, I have to do something I never wanted in my life.
Something I would have frowned upon until I met him.
I have to change who I am.
I have to shut down my heart.
I have to accept my place.
My body belongs to him.
My heart isn’t permitted to.
Those are his rules.
But rules were made to be broken…right?




“I stare into eyes. Rafael Lencioni’s soulless, perfect, brown eyes.”

This book was something new for me. I’ve never been a reader who enjoys reading about cheating in any form, and it has often been a situation which has caused me to put down a book. But the idea of delving into the world of the Mafia … I couldn’t resist. The perspective of this book was unique as well.

We meet Julietta, an everyday girl who works as a nurse, and goes out to have a good time. In going out she meets Rafael, a man who not only owns the club, but is an influential leader in the local mob organization. He offers Julietta a place in this world, his world, but at a price …

This story explores a side of romance which is often left out, the concept of a mistress. Most would look at this woman through eyes of judgment and dismiss her as simply being a whore. But, could there ever be more to it than that? This story explores the idea of a mistress, not in a secretive & degrading way, but as a necessary position in the order of a society. The mafia does not exist on the same rules as the “normal” world, and in order to secure respect in your position there are many tasks which you must complete. One of these, as a man, is to secure a mistress.

Throughout the story you are introduced to multiple complex characters. Although at times I found myself judging the characters for their choices/actions, in their situations, I’m not certain what I’d have done. Feelings swirl around under the surface of each character causing them to make choices, sacrifices, and even life changes they would normally NOT be making.

Overall the book had an interesting perspective. It brought to light the complexity of human interaction and well as the depth of emotion. The story introduces a tangled web of character decisions which began decades before we meet these characters. The stage was being set and now we must watch how these choices play out through the entire set of characters.

Review: “All the Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven

“Is today a good day to die?”

A Red Raven Reads Review of “All the Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven



One fateful day, Theodore Finch meets Violet Markey atop the school bell tower. Whether either of them intend to jump, no one can say. Yet, this chance meeting creates the beginning of a relationship that is truly magical. We follow Finch and Violet throughout their romance and tragedies and are led to a final, earth-shattering conclusion.


This was truly a great read. I found myself laughing and crying right alongside the characters, both of whom felt impossibly real. The writing is sound, the plotting is good, and the pacing is excellent. I finished 75% of the book in one sitting, once I’d gotten into it. This book was whimsical, touching, and oh so very important in a day and age where suicide is a growing threat to teens.


There really wasn’t much “bad” to contend with in this story. However, at some parts the conclusions felt rushed or unnecessary, or even unrealistic. Though this is my personal view and not the view of everybody, it did sour the book a bit for me.


ATBP is a great read, and one I would recommend in a heartbeat to fans of YA contemporary. However, throughout the book, it felt like there was something namelessly missing. What it is I cannot say, but it felt as though there was a lack of “flesh” to grab on to.


Objectively, this is a fantastic book that easily deserves its rating of 4 stars.

Candy Boys by Jo Raven

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Candy Boys

Romantic Comedy MMF Menage

I give this book 5 stars!

Another book, another way to keep me insane. Josephine Raven you are amazing. This book is freaking good.
Do you want to read a book that will send you to the nearest shower? Oh boy You should read “Candy Boys” to find out what i’m talking about.


I’m really lucky. And why, you ask? Because I managed to read a hot and very intense book.
Jo Raven is another author of whom I had the pleasure of meeting by reading an amazing book. Her writing is simple, very intense and very fun. The way she so brilliantly wrote this book managed to glue me to my Kindle in a way that I didn’t want to stop reading and get extremely angry when I was interrupted.
Candy Boys tells the stories of Candy, Joel and Jethro and this book could be like any other story of friendship and something more but get ready because you can’t imagine what you’re about to find …
Candy is a dreamer with a hidden desire, a very, very spicy one. Works in a bookstore and writes a blog on which she tells an intense and hot story that she wished it were real. She has a crush on Jethro and Joel but never had the courage to admit it.
Joel is the eternal playboy since his college times. Loves to enjoy life with a beautiful woman, but sometimes appearances can be deceiving. And the secret he doesn’t want anyone to discover torments him.
Jethro is a reserved and a man of few words. Had a past marked by tragedy and because of that he has great difficulty trusting people. But knowing Candy has done the impossible.
Oh my god, two men drawn by the same woman? I wonder what Jo Raven has in store for us.
All reading developed in a simple way but with a lot of emotion to the mix. The sense of danger was present in some chapters but love transpired on all pages.
Now let’s talk about something really important. The hot factor of this book managed to break any scale. My god how the scenes were written managed to wake my kinky side.
Seriously Jo Raven, I need to know where did you get your inspiration to write this book? DAYUM girl you’re a kinky genius, lol.


New Release – Selfless: A Relentless Series Novella (The Relentless Series Book 3) by Alyson Reynolds

Bookworms, Alyson Reynolds had released a new book yesterday and oh boy, you all should read it.
Selfless is the third book from the Relentless series and it will blow your mind.



Amanda Connelly wants a family. She’s ready to trade her glamorous life in for bottles and diapers, with or without a man. Too bad her plans abruptly come to a stop when her high school ex comes flying back into her life. Now he’s talking about a future when she’s not even sure she can forgive him for the past.

Rhys Brooks wants his girl back. Amanda was supposed to be the one he spent the rest of his life with until he screwed it up by leaving. The only problem with his plan is that she’s all grown up and stubborn as hell. The chemistry between them is stronger than ever, but will Amanda be able to forgive him for leaving her in the first place?

OMG Finally I could put my claws into this book that I was expecting with so much anxiety.
Since the moment Alyson Reynolds told me that she was going to dedicate a book to these characters I was so happy and so eager to read that I couldn’t wait.
Selfless is the third book in the “Relentless series” from the fantastic Alyson Reynolds and like the other books in this series is breathtaking.
Have you ever actually read any book of this author? If so you know that her writing is simple and fluid. Alyson can appeal to our sentimental and emotional part with a facility that sometimes scares me. The fact that she’s like this can help us focus more on the best in the world, LOVE, because unfortunately we live in a world in constant conflict. If you haven’t read any books start now because you will love it. Another advice that I give is that you might want to read the other two books in this series, because although they can be read separately this series characters interact in all books.
Selfless is the story of Amanda and Rhys.
Amanda is a renowned actress. She’s a beautiful, cheerful, friendly and fun, but behind that facade lurks a woman sad and hurt with a hidden desire that she wants to achieve no matter what.
Rhys is a charismatic man, full of secrets and with a past marked by sadness and tragedy. They were teenage sweethearts but something leads Rhys to leave Amanda. When they meet again 12 years later something happens and I can’t say more.
This book is full of feeling, sorrow, and sadness but also has a lot of love and comedy to the mix. As in the other books of the series, I want more. Want more books about new characters but also want to continue to monitor the lives of Violet, Jax, Taylor, Stephen, Amanda and Rhys so Alyson Reynolds, starts working faster, lol.…/…/ref…/…/ref


Taming the Curator (Encounters Book 2) by Fifi Flowers

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Taming the Curator


I give this book 5 stars!

It’s Official, i’m more addicted to the art of reading, lol… Thank you Fifi Flowers you got me again.
Taming the Curator is out now and you all should read it. Let’s talk about hot stuff? A beautiful woman and an amazing men? Hell yeah, that’s what you will find in this book.

( Taming Full

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of this author and each time I have a new book from her to read I’m as happy as a child on Christmas Day.
Fifi Flowers is a splendid writer that can captivate me only by the book cover. She has a simple, appealing and intense writing. What most characterizes her is her attention to detail and the fact that she describes so well each scene, and with that she can appeal to our imagination and make us live better every time we read.
“Taming the Curator” is another intense and exciting book. In this book we explore the lives of Chloe and Pierce.
Chloe is a dreamer and a woman that is used to fight to achieve her goals. She is determined to win on her own merits and without anyone’s help. She had a childhood marked by her mother’s negligence that would rather have an active social life instead of treated and pamper her own daughter. Her passion for music took her to sing in a burlesque house in her spare time. She’s responsible for the human resources department of an art gallery and she’s faced with the task of dismissing an employee. When she meets the curator of that gallery she cannot believe what her eyes are seeing.
Pierce is the curator of an art gallery and a real playboy. He loves to have fun and have one-night stands. Due to his parents neglect he doesn’t believe that it is possible to love or to have a relationship and commit to one person for the rest of his life
When they meet the atraction between them is intense, but will it be enough.
I loved the whole story. I loved the way the characters interact with each other. I loved the fact that the author had focus on love and that we can all be happy, even if it sometimes seems obsolete.
Of course, a good plot has to have someone who will disrupt the happiness of the characters and this book is no exception.
And the hot scenes are exciting and unbelievable, like Fifi Flowers so well accustomed us.
And now Fifi? What will be your next step? What fantastic work will you give us?
Whatever it may be, I’m sure it will be a success.

Romancing Broadway by Debbie Zello

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Romancing Broadway


I give this book 5 stars!

Deborra Zello you manage to grab me again. This is a beautiful book that you all should read. Romancing Broadway will captivate you just like it did to mee.


I was already missing Debbie Zello’s writing and when the opportunity arose to read more of her work I did not hesitate.
Debbie has a simple and inviting writing, which in this case applies perfectly. Although in the first book I read from her the writing was quite complex, reading this book was a great change and only has demonstrated that she is a fantastic and versatile author. The way this author writes can always captivated me from the first chapter.
Romancing Broadway is a tribute to true love, dreams, aspirations and to never give up of what we want. This book is told by Samantha, an actress on the rise for whom life in stardom was not easy. She really wants to achieve the starlight on the show business world but unfortunately we cannot always have what we want. But her persistence is what leads to never give up. When she got a role in a play, she never imagined that her life would change. But change for the better or worse? The enigmatic Cesare enters her life thanks to his perseverance, from the first moment he saw her, he knew he wanted to love her till the end of time.
This book focuses on love, friendship, the desire to want more and better. The whole story is inspiring, I loved the cast and the plot.
Despite the struggles and disagreements this book is fantastic and I loved the surprise that Debbie has in store for her readers.
Debbie Zello, you are creating a monster and because of that I want more books from you.