New Release – Selfless: A Relentless Series Novella (The Relentless Series Book 3) by Alyson Reynolds

Bookworms, Alyson Reynolds had released a new book yesterday and oh boy, you all should read it.
Selfless is the third book from the Relentless series and it will blow your mind.



Amanda Connelly wants a family. She’s ready to trade her glamorous life in for bottles and diapers, with or without a man. Too bad her plans abruptly come to a stop when her high school ex comes flying back into her life. Now he’s talking about a future when she’s not even sure she can forgive him for the past.

Rhys Brooks wants his girl back. Amanda was supposed to be the one he spent the rest of his life with until he screwed it up by leaving. The only problem with his plan is that she’s all grown up and stubborn as hell. The chemistry between them is stronger than ever, but will Amanda be able to forgive him for leaving her in the first place?

OMG Finally I could put my claws into this book that I was expecting with so much anxiety.
Since the moment Alyson Reynolds told me that she was going to dedicate a book to these characters I was so happy and so eager to read that I couldn’t wait.
Selfless is the third book in the “Relentless series” from the fantastic Alyson Reynolds and like the other books in this series is breathtaking.
Have you ever actually read any book of this author? If so you know that her writing is simple and fluid. Alyson can appeal to our sentimental and emotional part with a facility that sometimes scares me. The fact that she’s like this can help us focus more on the best in the world, LOVE, because unfortunately we live in a world in constant conflict. If you haven’t read any books start now because you will love it. Another advice that I give is that you might want to read the other two books in this series, because although they can be read separately this series characters interact in all books.
Selfless is the story of Amanda and Rhys.
Amanda is a renowned actress. She’s a beautiful, cheerful, friendly and fun, but behind that facade lurks a woman sad and hurt with a hidden desire that she wants to achieve no matter what.
Rhys is a charismatic man, full of secrets and with a past marked by sadness and tragedy. They were teenage sweethearts but something leads Rhys to leave Amanda. When they meet again 12 years later something happens and I can’t say more.
This book is full of feeling, sorrow, and sadness but also has a lot of love and comedy to the mix. As in the other books of the series, I want more. Want more books about new characters but also want to continue to monitor the lives of Violet, Jax, Taylor, Stephen, Amanda and Rhys so Alyson Reynolds, starts working faster, lol.…/…/ref…/…/ref



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