Taming the Curator (Encounters Book 2) by Fifi Flowers

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Taming the Curator


I give this book 5 stars!

It’s Official, i’m more addicted to the art of reading, lol… Thank you Fifi Flowers you got me again.
Taming the Curator is out now and you all should read it. Let’s talk about hot stuff? A beautiful woman and an amazing men? Hell yeah, that’s what you will find in this book.

( Taming Full

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of this author and each time I have a new book from her to read I’m as happy as a child on Christmas Day.
Fifi Flowers is a splendid writer that can captivate me only by the book cover. She has a simple, appealing and intense writing. What most characterizes her is her attention to detail and the fact that she describes so well each scene, and with that she can appeal to our imagination and make us live better every time we read.
“Taming the Curator” is another intense and exciting book. In this book we explore the lives of Chloe and Pierce.
Chloe is a dreamer and a woman that is used to fight to achieve her goals. She is determined to win on her own merits and without anyone’s help. She had a childhood marked by her mother’s negligence that would rather have an active social life instead of treated and pamper her own daughter. Her passion for music took her to sing in a burlesque house in her spare time. She’s responsible for the human resources department of an art gallery and she’s faced with the task of dismissing an employee. When she meets the curator of that gallery she cannot believe what her eyes are seeing.
Pierce is the curator of an art gallery and a real playboy. He loves to have fun and have one-night stands. Due to his parents neglect he doesn’t believe that it is possible to love or to have a relationship and commit to one person for the rest of his life
When they meet the atraction between them is intense, but will it be enough.
I loved the whole story. I loved the way the characters interact with each other. I loved the fact that the author had focus on love and that we can all be happy, even if it sometimes seems obsolete.
Of course, a good plot has to have someone who will disrupt the happiness of the characters and this book is no exception.
And the hot scenes are exciting and unbelievable, like Fifi Flowers so well accustomed us.
And now Fifi? What will be your next step? What fantastic work will you give us?
Whatever it may be, I’m sure it will be a success.


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