Candy Boys by Jo Raven

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Candy Boys

Romantic Comedy MMF Menage

I give this book 5 stars!

Another book, another way to keep me insane. Josephine Raven you are amazing. This book is freaking good.
Do you want to read a book that will send you to the nearest shower? Oh boy You should read “Candy Boys” to find out what i’m talking about.


I’m really lucky. And why, you ask? Because I managed to read a hot and very intense book.
Jo Raven is another author of whom I had the pleasure of meeting by reading an amazing book. Her writing is simple, very intense and very fun. The way she so brilliantly wrote this book managed to glue me to my Kindle in a way that I didn’t want to stop reading and get extremely angry when I was interrupted.
Candy Boys tells the stories of Candy, Joel and Jethro and this book could be like any other story of friendship and something more but get ready because you can’t imagine what you’re about to find …
Candy is a dreamer with a hidden desire, a very, very spicy one. Works in a bookstore and writes a blog on which she tells an intense and hot story that she wished it were real. She has a crush on Jethro and Joel but never had the courage to admit it.
Joel is the eternal playboy since his college times. Loves to enjoy life with a beautiful woman, but sometimes appearances can be deceiving. And the secret he doesn’t want anyone to discover torments him.
Jethro is a reserved and a man of few words. Had a past marked by tragedy and because of that he has great difficulty trusting people. But knowing Candy has done the impossible.
Oh my god, two men drawn by the same woman? I wonder what Jo Raven has in store for us.
All reading developed in a simple way but with a lot of emotion to the mix. The sense of danger was present in some chapters but love transpired on all pages.
Now let’s talk about something really important. The hot factor of this book managed to break any scale. My god how the scenes were written managed to wake my kinky side.
Seriously Jo Raven, I need to know where did you get your inspiration to write this book? DAYUM girl you’re a kinky genius, lol.



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