Hunter (Broken Bad Boys 1) by Skylar Heart

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Hunter (Broken Bad Boys 1)

New Adult Bad Boy Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Happy new release Skylar Heart.
Hunter is the latest book that I had the pleasure of reading and let me tell you that you are going for a ride.
This book is so intense and focus on a subject that we all should pay more attention.

Take a good look at the blurb:

I should have known he was trouble when I watched him drive his motorbike onto campus, leaving a trail of people whispering as he made his way into the Art Building.
Word around here is, he doesn’t date. So why do his eyes keep roving over me? Why does he want to talk to me?
Rumor has it, Hunter’s good at two things: making art, and getting into fights. I love art, but I can’t stand violence. I’ve been on the receiving end of it too many times.
My life is simple, it needs to be if I want to graduate and keep my eating disorder at bay… I sleep, I eat, I go to class and I definitely Do. Not. Date.

So why do I want him to hold me in his strong arms and cradle me to his broad chest?


She’s like a spooked little mouse. Not my type at all. Until she looked up at me and I was caught in her azure eyes.
But I won’t let her get close. In the last four years, I’ve lost everyone I’ve ever loved. I will never trust anyone ever again. The second I do, I’ll find myself alone again. So, what’s the use?
So I create big metal installations, I go to class when I feel like it, I drink and get into fights at the bar.
I have to stay away from Lizzy, because my darkness will only make hers worse. I know I have to, but that isn’t what my heart wants. When I see the pain in her eyes, I can’t resist her. I want to help her, touch her…
Own her.


When I got the chance to read Hunter I didn’t hesitate and I’m so happy that I didn’t because I freaking love it. From the moment I read the blurb I knew that it was going to be an intense reading.
Skylar Heart is a new author to me and I definitely want to keep reading her work. Her writing is complex but with so much feeling. She approached some serious issues that we or a loved one can be hit with it. But can we overcome it?
This book tells the story of Lizzy and Hunter and all book is told from their points of views.
Lizzy is a student who wants to graduate and be succeeded. She had a terrible past, with lots of pain and because of that she needs to achieve her goals on her own. She hates crowd places and really hates violence. She doesn’t trust anyone and don’t want a relationship but something about Hunter makes her heart beat fast.
Hunter is a biker, an artist and also a student in the same school the Lizzy. He had suffered terrible in the past, and continues to suffer, and because of that he can’t think of commitment mainly because he thinks that everyone that he loves will go away. He also doesn’t trust anybody and only wants to live his life free of drama, create art, graduate, drink and get in some fights. He’s a really bad boy. But something in the beautiful Lizzy attracts him something he can’t quite explain.
Can two lonely and broken hearts back into love? Can they find true love? The happily ever after? Will they be able to overcome all the obstacles that life has prepared?
The level of feeling in this book is very high and also boast the fact that this author have made us see and feel that family serves to support us, to help us in bad times but also to congratulate us in good times.
Is it healthy to put our life on hold for the sake of our family? Is it fair to put our future on hold because we need to take care of our loved ones?
In short I loved this book and I look forward to the next one because I have a lot of questions that need answers about other characters in this story, but I also want to continue to explore the lives of Lizzy and Hunter.




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