New Release – Teach Me Like That (Love Me Like That #2) by Marie James

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Teach Me Like That (Love Me Like That #2)

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Happy release day Marie James.
Teach Me Like That is out now and what can i say? I freaking loved it. You will get caught in this story and you will not be able to stop reading once you started it. Trust me, I know…

Have a good look at the blurb:
Thirty-three, single, and loving life.
Construction worker by day and playboy by night. Kegan Cole has what many men can only dream about. A great job, incredible family, and more women fawning over him than he can count. What more could he ask for?

Lexi Carter spends her days teaching at a private school. Struggling to rebuild her life after tragedy nearly destroyed her, she doesn’t have the time or energy to invest in any arrangement that could lead to heartbreak. That includes the enigmatic Kegan Cole whose arrogance and sex appeal arrive long before he enters a room.
It doesn’t matter how witty, charming, and incredibly sexy he is. She plays games all day with her students and has no room in her life for games when it comes to men, and Kegan Cole has ‘love them and leave them’ written all over his handsome bearded face.
When Lexi doesn’t fall at his feet like every other woman before her, Kegan is forced off-script to pursue her because not convincing her to give in isn’t an option.

How can a man who hates lies be compatible with a woman who has more secrets than she can count?
Can a man set in his playboy ways become the man Lexi needs? More importantly, does he even want to?


I know I may sound repetitive because in some of my reviews I say this, but I believe that is the purest of truths. I could barely fit the happiness that I felt when I got this book to read.
Marie James is one of my favorite authors and each book I read makes me extremely happy and excited.
As I had stated earlier, Marie James writing is simple, intense and with much attention to detail and the feeling that she can evoke in us is overwhelming.
“Teach Me Like That” tells the stories of Lexi and Kegan and the entire book is toggled between their points of views.
Kegan is the eternal womanizer, loves to enjoy life each day with a different woman. He loves a night with no-strings-attached. For what possible reason should he be with just one woman when there are so many free women out there. He has a great relationship with his parents and idolizes his older brother.
Lexi is a kindergarten teacher who loves what she does. Suffered a lot in the past and so she has her heart kept under lock and key. Don’t want commitments, she just wants to live her life doing what she loves and be happy.
When they know each other, something in them changes but is that just an attraction? Or is it something more?
Can two lost souls be reunited? Are you able to love unconditionally again? Will they find their happily ever after?
This book is very intense and can appeal to our sentimental side. Of course, things don’t always run well because the unexpected is just around the corner but we have to face the problems head-on with his head held high.
The love, the passion are present as well as the treachery and evil.
Can I tell you a secret? I know I can so here it goes: The hot scenes are very explosive, intense and adventurous, and you will love them as much as I did.
Marie James I already told you this but I will scream to the seven winds because I want everyone to know that you are one of my favorite authors, your books make me dream and entertain the hell out of me, even though I sometimes get very upset with the way the stories sometimes take.
I want to thank you for the opportunity to read your work.



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