New Release – Stark Shadows (Stark Trilogy Book 2) by CD Bradley

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Stark Shadows (Stark Trilogy Book 2)

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Happy release day CD Bradley

It’s with so must joy that I announce the new release of this amazing book that no one should miss. If you are like me that love a story with suspense and some love to the mix Stark Shadow is your book. Grab it.


The butterfly effect: The theory in which one small action, seemingly innocent, can set in motion an entire chain of events with catastrophic results. When Kira Riley first collided with Owen Stark she never dreamed the path it would set her on. Separating herself from Stark she was determined to achieve her mission. No more distractions. But the wheels of fate have already begun to turn. Ghosts of the past have been awakened.
Before meeting Kira, Owen Stark had been dead inside. He had forgotten how to live and love. He tried to fill the void with anything and everything until he was just numb. From the first moment he crashed into Kira, the flesh and blood man knew there was no going back. She was the drug he must have. He knew he should have walked away. Now that he has crossed the line, he would stop at nothing to have her again.
A relentless journey but one that has started the dominoes falling in a way they could have never predicted. Sometimes the danger in the shadows is the darkness of your own desire.



To say that seeing the days go by were an agonizing wait will be short, just to let you understand what was on my mind just ask the author because I sent her so many messages that I lost count.
Those who have read the first book of this series Stark September, know the reason for my anxiety, who didn’t read I think you better grab the first book already because I can guarantee that you will love it.
CD Bradley has a very characteristic writing, focused on the details and the fact that the book written in 3rd person makes us get better in the plot. For lovers of a good military story this is your book.
“Stark Shadow” is the second book from the Stark Trilogy and continues to tell the stories of Kira and Stark and after the way the other book ended CD Bradley had a lot of explaining to do and a lot of questions to answer, but in the course of reading new questions arose and you can imagine what I was thinking …
The suspense, mystery, crime are well present but loyalty, love and sacrifice are also in great prominence. I wasn’t at all prepared for what happened and because of that my heart felt so heavy that I can’t describe what was on my mind and soul. The way this book ended left me devastated, left me speechless and very, very angry because I couldn’t the book was over.
CD Bradley please write the next book soon because I don’t have the energy to endure this agonizing wait.





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