Mace (A Cocky Cage Fighter Novel Book 4) by Lan Hart

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Mace (A Cocky Cage Fighter Novel Book 4)

Romantic Suspense

I give this book 5 stars!

For the lovers of MMA and love this is one book that you don’t want to miss.

Have a look at the blurb:

~ Mace ~

I fell for Hailey the moment I laid eyes on her, before I knew about the three King Kong size battles I would have to fight to be with her.

By the time Linc warned me that his gorgeous sister with legs a mile long was off limits and “emotionally fragile,” it was too late. There was no turning back.

Then there’s my friend Senn, who had a one-night stand with Hailey. He’s trying his best to get a repeat performance during the week of Claire and Linc’s wedding. Sorry buddy, bros might come before hoes, but they don’t come before sweet southern belles.

And last but not least, the IFC insists that if I want a million dollar contract and a championship title fight then I need to keep up my playboy image to fuel all the female fans’ filthy fantasies.

But for Hailey, I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.

~ Hailey ~

Smooth talkin’, sexier than sin, Mason Reed came out of nowhere and stole my heart, despite his inappropriate obsession with my panties. I’m not supposed to fall for the “little” brother of my soon to be sister-in-law, or be fantasizin’ about lickin’ every inch of his tattoos the week of her and Linc’s wedding.

Mason’s seven years younger than me, and infamous for his so called “harem.” His fight intro song is actually a tribute to his magical…well, it rhymes with rock. Not only will he likely end up hurtin’ me, but he’s also…rock blockin’ Senn, my former hot fling.

After I find out just how close Mason is to landin’ a huge IFC contract if he keeps performin’ his magic tricks for all the ladies, I refuse to let him give it all up for me.

I had no idea how much I would miss him or how much it would hurt when I finally succeeded in pushin’ him away.

***This 83K word novel has a HEA and can be read as a standalone.***
Other characters in the series make an appearance, so the preferred reading order is:



If I was already in love with this series, this book just came to give more secure to this unconditional love.

Mace is the fourth book of the Cocky Cage Fighters and what can I say? I’m overwhelmed with everything I’ve read and I’ve lived through this story. When I finished reading Linc I wanted to know more about one of the characters and I was super happy when I started reading this one. I strongly advise you to read all the books because even though they are standalones the characters interact in all books and in this case you really have to read Linc. You will understand why.

This book revolves around the lives of Mason and Hailey

Mason is a MMA on the rise that was fortunate enough to be under Linc and Jude wings. His life has not been easy but thanks to his sister Claire life was bearable. Unfortunately he resorted to somewhat obscure paths but love conquers all.

Hailey is Linc Abrams sister, she’s a free spirit. She’s a plus size model and has many complexes with her body. She wants to find her soul mate, that person that will make her happy, that will love her unconditionally. Can she find it?

I’m in love with this story. I loved everything from the super hot scenes up to the fights. I loved all the ups and downs that this book provided.

Lane you are brilliant and reading this series has been something that I still can’t find the right word to describe.


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