Nate (A Cocky Cage Fighter Novel Book 6) by Lane Hart

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Nate (A Cocky Cage Fighter Novel Book 6)

Romantic Suspense

I give this book 5 stars!

For the lovers of MMA and love this is one book that you don’t want to miss.

Have a look at the blurb:

Nathan Lewis always finds himself at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Burdened by his guilt, Nate’s unable to let go of his painful memories. He keeps to himself, refusing to let anyone else in for fear that they’ll learn the truth.

When a nosy reporter starts investigating his past, the skeletons Nate’s kept locked up tight in his closet start to rattle, threatening to surface and ruin him.

Alyssa Grant is only looking for a front page story to advance her career. Recently widowed and now raising her son on her own, she has no intentions of getting involved with a man, especially not one who uses his fists for a living. But she quickly realizes that there’s more to Nathan Lewis than he reveals. Like Alyssa, he’s also grieving from a loss that he blames himself for.

Only the deeper Alyssa digs, the more she begins to realize that a horrible accident from Nate’s past may turn out to be more than it seems, putting his life, and the lives of everyone around him, in danger.

Now that Nate has something worth losing again, he refuses to go down without a fight, in or out of the cage.



When I started reading this book I feel like an addict in candy that didn’t eat anything for a week. Can you believe it? The state in which I was after reading Senn was something that I still can’t find a word to describe. Anyway …

Not to run away too to what I said previously, this series has managed to amaze me more and more, so the expectation to read this book was very high.

Lane’s writing continues simple and very detailed which makes this a simple and enjoyable reading. The hot scenes are hot and so described to the point that we seem to be there with them.

Nate is the sixth book from the cocky Cage Fighters and is simply wonderful.

Nate is a MMA fighter with a very dark and sad soul. He hides his true feelings because no one has to be bother with his life and problems. He’s a reserved man who loves his work. His past haunts him and so is not always easy to live one day at a time

Alyssa is a single mother trying to raise her son after losing her husband about a year ago. The days are not easy and the fact that her son is a very reserved boy makes their interaction difficult. She’s a true believer in happily ever after although she doesn’t believe she will have one anytime soon.

Why is it that we tend to sacrifice our happiness for a person? Why is it so hard to find our happiness? Why do we have to suffer?

The level of feelings that this book shows is something indescribable and so I say loud and clear that you all should read this, not only this book but all series. Lane Hart I told you before that you manage to captivate me with your words but I can assure you that this series left me totally in love with your writing and that’s why I want more books to read.



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