Hitman’s Baby (Mob City Book 2) by Holly Hart

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Hitman’s Baby (Mob City Book 2)

Romantic Suspense

I give this book 5 stars!

When you think that nothing will surprise you , well guess again…

Have a look at the blurb:

I didn’t tell Roman we had a son. I didn’t know.


This town was going to sh*t long before I got here. Alexandria’s the kind of place that attracts the scum of the earth – people like me. It’s a real mob city. The only person doing a damn thing to turn it round was Ellie. But I barely met her before her abusive ex stole her away – and left her in a coma.

I’ll remember the night we shared until my dying day. Fate snatched her away from me once, but this time I’m not giving him a say. Ellie’s been hurt more in her life than anyone I’ve ever met. So when Victor Antonov put a hit out on her, I knew I had to stop it. I had to save her. Victor’s about to find out what happens when you threaten the woman I love.

I’m going to make him pay.


I don’t remember what happiness feels like.

Four years with Rick saw to that. When the police locked him away, Roman showed me how to feel again, how to hope – and how a man should treat his lady. And then Rick broke out of jail. Seeing him in that dark alleyway was the last thing I remember. And I forgot. I forgot everything: love, and hope – and even Roman himself.

Now my life’s in the balance, and every gangster in Alexandria is hunting for me. There’s only one man on my side, a killer called Roman. He stirs something inside me, and every time I see him, my body aches. It’s trying to tell me something, trying to reveal a secret…

I just don’t know what.

Hitman’s Baby is a standalone secret baby romance, the second in the Mob City universe – but don’t worry, you can read it on its own! Holly doesn’t do cliffhangers, and she guarantees an HEA every time. You’ll also get a free bonus book – Tackle: A Bad Boy Sports Romance. Both novels are 65,000 words each, so there’s plenty to get stuck into!

Please note, this book contains scenes of violence (not between the hero/heroine!) A proportion of profits will be split between two national domestic violence charities.



Who can decipher a book just by its title? I mean, does the title get us captivate? I cannot always get this response when I have a book but there was something in this title who arrested me.

Holly Hart is a new author to me, but I can assure you that I will follow her work closely.

Holly has a complex but very detailed writing. The way she tells this story leaves us so amazed that I couldn’t drop the book.

“Hitman’s baby” is the second book from the Mob City series and tells the stories of Ellie and Roman.

Ellie has a life marked by poverty, violence and abandonment. After almost died at the hands of the person who was supposed to love her unconditionally she has to start her life from scratch but unfortunately things are not always easy.

Roman is a hired killer with a tortured and dark soul. When he’s forced to help a beautiful woman he has no idea what he’s getting himself to. But it will be a turn for the better or for the worse?

Can you be truly happy when we are constantly terrified? Will it be possible to find happiness when you look constantly over your shoulders?

A lot has happened and I can tell you that I really liked what I’ve read. I love the suspense, the mystery but loved the hot scenes so freaking much. My god the hot scenes are mind-blowing.

The way this book is written you will not be able to stop reading, because when you think all is well something happens and the desire to know what’s going to happen is going to make you read over and over.

Now I’m going to start reading the third book of this series and I know that I’ll love it as much as I loved this one.





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