More Than a Memory by Marie James

A Bookworm Review by Ana

More Than a Memory

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

If you love a good book, a story that can take your breath away, this is your book.

Marie James has a new book out now so i dare you all to get it.

Have a look at the blurb:

“You’re gorgeous. Even better looking than the day I fell in love with you.”

The words are a constant reminder of what true love is. Olivia Dawson’s alarm goes off at the same time every day and she disappears into her room to hear Duncan’s voice, see his face, miss him even more for being untouchable. Olivia loves with her entire heart, and her love for Duncan is unmatched, but there’s something about her new roommate she just can’t seem to ignore—no matter how hard she tries.

“I miss you so much.”
“Can’t be more than I miss you.”

The words are a constant reminder of how unavailable Olivia is, and Bryson Daniels isn’t one for competition off the baseball field, but since the moment he knocked on the door to his new apartment and his roommate “Ollie” wasn’t who he expected, he can’t help but consider bending a few of his rules—even if it means heeding to Olivia’s.

“I love you, sweet cheeks. Chat with you later?”

Bryson hears the conversations through the paper thin walls, but there’s a pain inside Olivia he can’t seem to walk away from. He vows to be there for her when the voice on the other side of the computer inevitably breaks her heart, but will he ever be able to compete with someone who’s more than a memory?

Cover_Front (2).jpg


There are many things I can say about my obsession with books, obsession in a good way of course. One is that over these 2 years that I embarked on this journey through the world of reading I met awesome authors and their wonderful works and Marie James was one of them. If you already know her and know her work, you know what I mean, if you don’t know there are a few things to note.

First of all her writing is simple and very detailed. All her books have a level of feeling that can burst at any scale. Secondly all her books explore the most important feeling of life that is LOVE. Because of all this I advise all of you to read all her books and I can surely guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

“More Than a Memory” is another fantastic and wonderful book from this great author.

This book explores the lives of Olivia and Bryson and the whole book alternates between their views.

Olivia is a determined and stubborn girl. She tries all costs to stay away from all the people in her life. She wants to live in peace and quiet, isolated from everyone. Something’s wrong with her but she wants to hide at all costs. When she is forced to rent a room in her apartment, at the insistence of her mother, she can’t imagine what awaits her.

Bryson is a freshman at the University that for the first time can get out from under his parents wings and live alone. He already had a degree but he insisted in get to the university to be able to succeed in the baseball world. When he finds out that he’s changing to Olivia’s apartment, he doesn’t want to believe that that beautiful girl is going to be his roommate.

And I won’t say anymore because I hate spoilers and I know the suspense of reading will get into you.

During all my reading I had my heart sometimes so tight, so upset I could hardly breathe. The pain of the characters, the pain of that moment broke my heart but there were other times when joy was there too and really catchy. Love, second chances, the fear of love and be happy are well present in this plot.

I can assure you that from all the books I’ve read of Marie James, this was the one that marked me terribly. The entire story unfolds in a way that I can’t find a single word that can make it justice. It would be unfair to classify this wonderful work in such a vain way.

Marie James I appreciate every day the opportunity to read your books and I am always excited when I know there will be more work waiting for me to devour without mercy.

Now I ask, will there be more books on some of the secondary characters of this plot? I hope the answer is positive because I have a few questions that I would like to get the answers.

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