New Release – On the Rocks by Nicole Hart

A Bookworm Review by Ana

On The Rocks

Romantic Suspense

I give this book 5 stars!

Happy release day Nicole Hart.

Since I ended “A Secret Affair ” I was super curious to know how this story would end and when I got the chance to put my claws on this masterpiece I was super happy.

Do you want a hot and secret affair? This is your book.

Have a look at the blurb:

Desperate for change.
I knew I wouldn’t find the answer in the bottom of a bottle but I walked into his bar anyway.
An accidental meeting…
The overwhelming urge to draw closer.
I knew it was wrong.
But the need was powerful.
The yearning was strong.
The gravitational pull too hard to resist.
So we gave in to temptation. But life isn’t simple and nothing worth fighting for ever comes easy.

*This story contains strong adult content and is intended for a mature audience.



With that kind of reading I will encounter? Am I going to like it? Will it be as overwhelming and hot as the other books I’ve read? All of these issues came to my head before starting to read and really I was very foolish. Just by reading the first chapter I saw that all of those fears were groundless and meaningless. Seriously, with all that happened just in the first few rows of this book I saw that this reading would be something from another world.

Nicole Hart is an amazing writer and deserves all the success she has had.

For those who don’t know, Nicole has a simple, very intense and detailed writing and because of that it makes reading very interesting, appealing, and really hot.

“On the Rocks” is the most recent work of this author and is something else…

This book unfolds around the lives of Gage and Reese.

Gage is a man with his own business. Is very reserved and not the most talking person in the world. Something torments and hunts him down but what he hides behind the facade of hard man? Why is he so secretive?

Reese is a successful business woman. Loves her work but feels incomplete. The relationship with her husband is somewhat troubled, primarily because her husband is too controlling. At the beginning everything was a bed of roses but over the years the dream became a nightmare. She loves traveling and each time she have the opportunity to do it on business she’s super happy.

When their paths cross a spark lights up. But are they counting on that? Can two lost souls find the way to happiness?

Oh My God … The suspense, the danger, the unknown are just around the corner. And the hot scenes? Don’t make me talk about them because I almost went crazy.

The entire story unfolds in a way so intense; it became impossible to stop reading. Just the fact that someone interrupting me while I was in one of those intense scenes I almost hit them. Lol. Seriously. I was furious.

Nicole please tell me you’re going to write about the other characters? Say yes! Please!!

Now I look forward to another book of yours




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