New Release -Ballbuster (A Playing Dirty Sports Romance Book 1) by Lane Hart

A Bookworm Review by Ana


Sports Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Happy release day Lane Hart.

A new way to see that when we want something we need to fight for it and never give up, even if the odds are against us.

Have a look at the blurb:

~ Kohen Hendricks ~

Out of all the football stadiums in the world, why did Roxanne “The Ballbuster” Benson have to plow through mine?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for women playing professional football. But what I’m not for is The Ballbuster waltzing onto my field, trying to take over my position as the Wildcats’ starting kicker. The woman dislocated my knee with her freaking Jeep, for chrissake, and yet all of my teammates love her!

So what if Roxy’s…gorgeous and sweet and loves football more than anyone in the world? This is my team; and once I recover, she’s gonna have to get used to sitting her fine ass on the bench. It’s nothing personal. Football is a dirty sport where only the best survive.

Now I just have to figure out how to survive a season without ending up with a busted heart; because despite how hard I try to avoid falling for Roxy, she keeps pulling me back into her bed.

Forget her Jeep. With one look, the woman can bring me to my knees. And the worst part is, I keep going back for more.

***Ballbuster is a full-length standalone romance. Also included at the end of Ballbuster is a bonus novel, the bestselling sports romance, JAX.***



As much as I may seem boring and repetitive I have to say that each time I know that this magnificent author has a new book I feel so so happy that I almost float.

For those who do not know, honestly I think is not possible since this Lady is a genius, Lane Hart has a simple writing, very detailed, heartfelt and really hot.

We, the real fans, know that each work is a masterpiece waiting to conquer the literary world and that’s why we think it is imperative that everybody has the opportunity to read them.

“Ballbuster” is her latest work and tells the stories of Kohen and Roxanne.

Cohen is the famous football player from the Wildcats team. Is the one that everyone wants to be, that some men envy and every women desire. Loves his work and wants to be the best. When he gets the news that a woman will come to his team he doesn’t want to believe. Everything goes well until it is hit by a car.

Roxanne is a woman determined to avenge in the male-dominated world. Loves to play football but because she’s a woman life has never been easy. When she gets a contract on a first League team all her dreams come true, until runs over the star of that team.

This book is hilarious. The whole story unfolded in a harmonious, simple, intense and sincere way. I loved every chapter. I loved the ups and downs, the madness, the comedy and the misunderstandings and follies. My god the hot scenes were something explosive and intense. And as always, Lane just leave me wanting more to read, wanting to keep the story flowing for the main characters of this plot as well as left me wanting to know more about the secondary characters.

Will I have to wait too long? Because as the days goes by its becoming difficult to endure the wait.




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