New Release – Beauty Mark by Stephie Walls

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Beauty Mark

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Happy release day Stephie Walls

How far can one go in order to achieve a dream? It’s healthy to sacrifice our jobs and stability for that dream? This book will show you just that.

Have a look at the blurb:

A soaring career…
A fractured heart…
Left in shattered shards of stained glass.

Aspiring author, Callie Clark, finally achieves her most-coveted goal, landing a contract with a highly sought-after publishing company. Reeling from the pain of a broken heart, Callie puts her love life on hold.

Focused solely on her career, the dream she’s faithfully held onto becomes taunting, and the higher she climbs, the faster she falls.

When tragedy winds itself through triumph, Callie learns to open her heart again. But it might be too late when a visitor from her past resurfaces and threatens the dream she clings to.



It’s always nice to meet new authors and is even better when their books can talk to us. Seriously, I am a bit radical, because if a book can’t captivate me in the first few chapters I think it’s not worth continuing to waste time, but when I get stuck just because of the first pages I know that that work promises.

Stephie Walls manage to do just that, grab me with such force that it was impossible to stop reading. The nervousness was present because you never know what can happen when you have a contact for the first time with a work of an author but very soon realized that all these fears were groundless.

Stephie has a simple, intense writing and with much attention to detail. The way she expresses through her work managed to grab me in such a way that I can’t describe. She literally managed to score me.

“Beauty Mark” is a very intense book and with a very detailed insight about a super common theme. The fight for winning, for getting and pursue our dreams, our convictions and never give up no matter how hard the obstacle seems insurmountable.

This book tells the story of Callie a successful writer. But her life has not been easy but when you believe in a dream you tried to do everything to catch up. How can you live after being really hurt? Will a broken heart can regenerate again and love?

This book, this story has been one of the most intense I’ve ever read. The level of feeling, hurt, sadness and love in every chapter were so intense that it made me feel what the characters were feeling at the time. Friendship, camaraderie and loyalty are also present. And the hot scenes? Oh my god, the hot scenes were explosive.

Stephie there were parts of the book that I feared to continue reading because I thought I wouldn’t make it through the course of the scene, but I just couldn’t stop. The need to know more, to know what would happen motivated me and almost forced me to keep reading.

And now? How do I overcome this book? Do you have any masterpiece for me to read? I hope so.



One thought on “New Release – Beauty Mark by Stephie Walls

  1. Avonna November 21, 2016 / 7:32 pm

    This sound amazing! Added to my TBR. Thanks!


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