New Release -Dirty Money: A Dark Mafia Romance (Alpha Men Book 1) By Tia Lewis ans Roxy Sinclaire

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Dirty Money

Dark Mafia Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Wanna get inside the mafia? Wanna be scared but at the same time excited?

Have a look at the blurb:

I loved being a con man. Especially using my IT background to rig online poker to make money. But my dad got in trouble with the mafia, and now the head of the mafia, Frank Sputafuoco, wants me to do his dirty work. If I don’t get him the millions of dollars he wanted by the end of the week, he said he’ll kill my dad and rat me out to the feds.

He sent Destiny to me to make sure I stuck to the plan and didn’t try to pull one over them.

I didn’t know what she looked like when they first mentioned her to me. But after one look, I knew she had to be mine.

Angelo, the man I was supposed to end up and his ruthless father sent me to Alex to try to squeeze as much money as possible from his clients. I had no intention of doing anything except make sure the job was done.

But then I overheard Angelo talking about having someone be killed by accident. And I knew he was referring to Alex’s dad.

I didn’t know what to do. Or who to trust. I can’t believe he would do something like that!

I got closer to Alex. Closer than I thought I would. But could I really get away from this mafia family I was supposed to join? Would Alex accept me, coming from the mafia? I don’t know. But I knew I was willing to take that chance.

Dirty Money is a full length standalone dark mafia romance novel. There are NO cliffhangers, NO cheating, and a GUARANTEED happy ending!



When we like an author we’re always eager for more books to read, I know what I’m talking about because as soon as I heard that this author had one more book I barely could fit in myself. I was so happy.

As you know Tia Lewis is a super gifted author, very attentive to detail and can evoke feelings in us who are very well hidden.

Dirty Money is a work co-written by Tia Lewis and Roxy Sinclaire and let me tell you that I am astonished.

It’s amazing how the writing of these two authors merged and created this work of art.

This book explores the lives of Destiny and Alex.

Destiny is a beautiful woman but that is tied to the Mafia. For her life she is obliged to obey the wishes, whims and follies of the Chief’s son. She is taken to seduce customers with which they will do business.

Alex is a smart and determined man that is forced to work for the mafia in exchange for his father’s life.

By working side by side with Destiny the attraction is palpable but impossible since this beautiful woman belongs to the leader.

Is the line between attraction and love so thin?

Will love speak louder than fear?

A lot happened that will let you super nervous. My god the suspense is at its highest level.

How far can go the madness of a man? Is it possible to escape the clutches of the mafia?

I can’t answer that question but I can tell and ensure that the reading will be worth it.

And the hot scenes will drive you crazy.

And now ladies? There will be more books co-written by you?

I hope so because this mix was explosive.



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