New Release – Fail to Fight (Lessons in Love Book 1) by Maci Dillon

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Fail to Fight

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Can love hurt? Can we forgive? Be Happy? Find closure?

Have a look at the blurb:

An emotional story of unrequited love…

Now, I ask you not to condemn the man I loved without knowing all the details. What he did was inexcusable and unforgettable, yes, but I wanted to forgive.
What I struggled with was why he left me scared and broken, without a fight.
With no goodbye, no closure.
And without closure, there was no moving on.

Visions of her would haunt my dreams for all eternity. That night destroyed my world and changed my life forever.

Fail to Fight Ebook Cover.jpg


It’s always nice to meet new authors and their works, and when those works can speak with us is even better.

Maci Dillon is a new author to me and the way this book marked me, I will without a shadow of a doubt follow her career closely.

Her writing is simple, delicate and with great attention to detail.

“Fail to Fight” tells the stories of Chloe and Will.

The way this book began made me understand that I would find an intense and captivating story.

I loved the fact that the chapters change between the past and the present.

Chloe is a business woman who was very hurt in the past by the person she never expected.

Will is a successful businessman. In the past made a decision that changed his whole path and that he regrets to this day.

Will it be too late to change the past? Can we have a future when the past brought only sorrow and hurt?

When I finished reading this book I was with a mixture of joy and sadness. Joy because the book is just amazing and sadness because I wanted more. Honestly I thought the story was going to unfold in another way but it didn’t. It was totally different from what I was expected but I loved it anyway,

The level of feeling in this book is so high that I was willing to cry in sad scenes and laugh in joyful scenes. I loved it and that is why I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

 Maci Dillon please don’t take too long because I don’t know if I can stand the waiting.




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