New Release – Take This Pain Away (Torn Pieces Book 2) by Terra Kelly

A Bookworm Review by Ana

Take This Pain Away

Romantic Suspense

I give this book 5 stars!

When you think that your life is amazing you should think gai. Sometimes life isn’t easy but can we make it better? Or dive into the darkness?

Have a look at the blurb:

Finley Scott devotes his life to the Emergency Task Force, Toronto, and it’s what he loves. So when being asked to go undercover to protect a woman from the biggest mob boss Toronto has ever experienced, he doesn’t hesitate. Giano Nesta stops at nothing to get what belongs to him and yet, Finley is ready to be the savior Letizia will need.

Letizia Magrino lives in St. Cloud, MN, has her own bakery, and nothing to worry about but a cupcake bake-off she wants to win. That is, until her life comes crumbling down when a mob boss starts hunting her. With nowhere to hide at home, she starts running with the help of Finley and his crew. But too many lies made her distrustful of people around her, so how can she believe that Finley will protect her no matter what?

With her life turned upside down, can Letizia and Finley find a way to escape all the horrors-and find the happy ending they desperately seek?



For as many books I manage to read, from so many authors that I know there are always those who are special and Terra Kelly is one of them.

This may seem like I’m saying this to be nice but this is not the case.

Those who know this author knows what I’m talking about but who don’t know her I advise you to grab her books already.

Terra has a simple writing, very detailed and with a lot of feeling and the fact that she write in the third person makes reading very welcoming.

The way she creates her works, the way she writes can penetrate into our skins and fill our hearts with a mixture of joy and anxiety.

“Take this pain away “is the second book in the Torn Pieces series and you should not lose a moment longer without reading it.

This book explores the lives of Letizia (Zia) and Finley. And by the way this book begins this will promise.

Zia is pastry chef and owner of her own pastry shop. Loves her work, loves to cook and when she’s selected for a cooking contest she did not imagine the turn that her life will take.

Finley is an undercover agent assigned to dismantle and arrest the Mafia leader and to protect Zia but a lot will happen. Will he able to protect her?

This book was something I can’t describe. The story was so intense that I felt suffocating.

The crime, revenge, treachery, madness are present as well as love, friendship, loyalty.

The way the scenes of danger were described, the way she wrote them made me fear for the lives of those involved.

It will be possible to find love in a situation of stress? Of course I can’t answer that therefore you should grab this book and read it asap. I advise you to read the first book in this series, because despite being a standalone the characters interact in both books.

Terra I’m very upset with you. How could you end the story like this? How could you do this to me? How am I going to get through it? This waiting is going to drive me crazy …



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